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Welcome to Coach Newton's Webpage!
If you're in Coach Newton's Texas History class, Boys Athletics, or are a Football, Shot-put, or Discus athlete, then your in the right place! Please explore my page to find lots of great information about my class and myself and feel free to subscribe to the page to make sure you stay up-to-date with any new information added during the course of the school year.
Contact Info.
Classroom/Office: 202/Boys Coach's Office
Classroom Phone: (281) 357-3030 Ext. 1223
Coach's Office Phone: (281) 357-3030 Ext. 1276 
E-mail: tylernewton@tomballisd.net
Tutoring is offered on Tuesdays in Rm. 203 with Mrs. Eller and on Thursdays in Rm. 204 with Mr. Pauley from 3:15-4:15. Students may attend either day, late bus is provided if needed for transportation. 
Alternative tutoring arrangements can be made at the students request and will be arranged either before or after school as needed. 


Recent Posts

Checkpoint Quiz Thursday 3/2

The Checkpoint Quiz covering Civil War and Reconstruction is on Thursday 3/2. Sections 5.5 through 5.7 in the textbook (Pgs. 294-320)

Home Work 2/7

Read Topics 5.3-5.4 in your textbook, pgs. 270-293. We will answer questions over those sections in class tomorrow.