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Name: Ms. J. Melissa Rittenberry
School: Willow Wood Junior High, 11770 Gregson Rd., Tomball, TX 77377
Class: 8th Grade Mathematics
School Phone: 281.357.3030 x1265
Conference Period: 11:07-12:30

I have been teaching for 29 years. I have an Associates Degree from
Blinn College in Brenham. I then transferred to Sam Houston State
University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching in 1988 and then
an M.Ed. in Supervision/Mathematics in 1992. I taught in Huntsville ISD for
10 years, Round Rock ISD for 5 years, and now Tomball ISD. One of my
hobbies is photography.

To become successful, informed learners

dry erase markers
expo white board cleaner
paper towels
colored pencils
thin line markers
glue sticks
post-it notes

Any donations of these items throughout the school year will be greatly appreciated.

Recent Posts

May 16

I finally finished grading the Financial Literacy packets and got the grades in the grade book.  Tomorrow, students will be given the Multiple Reps review sheet in preparation for Friday's test.  Remember, it can be signed for bonus points.

May 11

I am working on grading the Financial Literacy packets the students finished last week.  It is taking a little longer than I thought.  As soon as I'm done, I will get the grades in the grade book.
Next week, we will complete a unit on Multiple Representations of Functions.  We have done this once this year and will repeat the content as it's important for Algebra 1.  There will be a test at the end of next week, May 19.  The only day there will be actual homework will be Wednesday and that will be the test review.

May 4

We have been continuing our work on the Financial Literacy project.  We will be finishing that up tomorrow and then I will start grading them next week.  There will be two daily grades and a major grade added to the grade book next week from the project.
The Science and History STAAR tests are next week and I won't see all my classes.  Therefore, I will not be giving any homework next week either.  The students that are in class will be starting an activity involving Tangrams.  This will all be done at school.

April 24

There will be no homework during the next two weeks.  We will be working on a financial literacy project that will be completed in class.  Part 1 will be completed this week and part 2 will be done next week.

April 17

We started solving and graphing Inequalities today.  There is no homework today, but there will be a worksheet tomorrow.  Students, review your vocabulary and your inequality symbols.  Also, you should review how to solve an equation with multiple fractions in it.

April 13

There is no homework today, but I am attaching some extra practice over simplifying expressions.  If you did not do well on this week's quiz, I would print this and work on it.  It is very similar to the quiz.  I just changed most of the signs. I will share the key with you next week.
Next week, we will spend 3 days solving and graphing inequalities.  The test over expressions, equations and inequalities is next Friday.

April 12

No homework today.  Students should review their INB section on solving equations, especially ones with variables on both sides.

April 11

No homework today due to the quiz.  Tomorrow, we will start solving equations again.  Most of them will be 2-step and multi-step equations.

April 10

We worked on a simplifying expressions activity today and that is attached, including the key.  Tomorrow is another quiz over simplifying expressions, including the distributive property.

April 7

There is no homework today.  We continued to practice simplifying expressions using the distributive property.  There was a quiz at the end of class.  Grades should be posted some time this weekend.

April 6

We continued to simplify expressions using the distributive property today.  Students completed an assignment in class.  We will continue with simplifying tomorrow and practice more with the distributive property.  There will be a short quiz at the end of class.

April 5

We started simplifying with  the distributive property today.  There is no homework.  We will continue with the distributive property tomorrow and an in-class assignment.