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Welcome to Mrs. Hodge's 7th grade Language Arts page!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with my students!

Mission for Classes:
Language Arts - To give each of my students the knowledge needed to
successfully complete this year's STAAR. Also to encourage a love for
the English language, while keeping students interested in learning.

Please check the Weekly Schedule & Assignments page for your section frequently for homework and project updates. Grades are updated weekly (by Friday). Major papers and projects may take up to two weeks to grade.
Tutoring:  Please see ELA Tutoring Schedule page for details on before and after school tutoring.

Recent Posts

Build Your Own Community Project

We will finish our Community Project Monday in class.  Presentations will start on Tuesday.  This is the last major grade of the year!

The Giver

All The Giver activities are due tomorrow.  Activity folders should include vocabulary, chapter questions and story pyramid.  We will also take our final test on the novel Thursday and Friday.  This will be a major grade.

The Giver

We have finished reading our novel, The Giver, and are preparing for our last test on the novel.  We will test on chapters 14-23 and all novel activities will be due Thursday, May 11.

The Giver Chapter 8-13 and Vocabulary Chapter 1-13 Test

Good afternoon. Thursday and Friday we will be taking our 2nd test on our novel, The Giver.  This test will be over chapters 8-13 and include vocabulary from chapters 1-13.

The Giver Unit

Good afternoon.  We have started our novel, The Giver.  This is a class novel and a class set of books.  Students are welcome to bring their own book from home, but it is not required.  We will be working on our novel for the next several weeks.  On Tuesday, April 4 we will have our first test over chapters 1-8.

Welcome Back

Writing STAAR will be next Tuesday, March 28.
After the Writing STAAR, we will begin reading The Giver in class. 

This Week

Good morning!  This week we will be finishing the District Writing Benchmark.
This past Friday, students were given their Reading District Benchmarks to review and correct.  The corrections are due back to me by Wednesday, February 15.


Good afternoon!
Next week we will be taking the District Reading CBA.  This test will be half of major grade.  This will give us a good look at student progress at this point in the year.  Please encourage your student to take their time and use the strategies that work best for them to be successful. 
Have a great weekend!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the 2nd semester!  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday break and are well rested and refreshed from the Fall.  I was so happy to see my students today.  We are jumping right into our new semester and will be working hard.  
Please check the PAP Schedule Page for information on what we are doing in class.  Have a great evening!

Hero's Journey - Outside Reading Project

We will be starting our outside reading project tomorrow.  All students should have their books and notes in class with them.  This will be an in class assignment for a major grade.

Fall CBA Writing Review

Good afternoon.  We are starting our Fall Writing CBA tomorrow in class.  We will start with our essay and then complete the revise & editing portion.  I have handed back to all students their most current Xfactor activity and their current revise & edit passages.  These are great ideas to review as they prepare for the test.  Also, I am including the review sheet that was completed in class today.  Students have the correct answers on their papers.
So happy to have your students back in class today!  Enjoy your evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Next week is our Thanksgiving holiday.  Once we return we will be taking the Writing CBA and the first week of December we will complete our Hero project.  Please make sure that students are reading over the break finishing their novels.
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the well deserved break.

Spelling Bee

Good morning.  Today I let students know that classroom Spelling Bees will be held on Dec. 2.  I have given students a letter to turn in if they would like to participate.  I need these letters back tomorrow if possible so that I can give them a study list.  I look forward to having my students compete!

Progress Reports

Good afternoon.  Progress report grades were submitted today.  Reports should come home in the next few days.
As you can see from our calendar, we are switching gears from poetry to now looking at essay writing and revising/editing.  We will be working on this until after the Thanksgiving break. 
After Thanksgiving we have our next District CBA in Writing.

Latest Information

Good afternoon!  I have updated calendars on the schedule page for the rest of the semester.  This will help you and your student know when major grades are coming.
We are finishing our Poetry Anthology tomorrow in class, and then we will be completing the District Reading CBA Wednesday and Thursday.
Students should be reading their Hero books and have them in class when we have some extra time to read.
Progress report grades will cutoff on Friday and all grades will be updated at that time.
Thank you for all you do to make our students successful!