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What is happening in math this week?

Monday: Begin Reviewing for the Unit 10 Test and finish review for homework
Tuesday: Continue reviewing/No homework
Wednesday: Unit 10 Test/No homework
Thursday: Begin STAAR Review
Friday: Continue STAAR Review

This Week in Math

Monday: Test Review #'s 1-10 for homework
Tuesday: Study for Test
Wednesday: Unit 9 Test/No Homework
Thursday: Begin Unit 10/No Homework
Friday: No School!

What is happening in math this week?

We do not have any homework this week. We will be taking the Middle of the Year Benchmark Assessment Tuesday-Friday.

Unit 8 Test and Review

The Unit 8 Test is tomorrow! The answer key to the review with all steps is on the Review page.

Weekly Assignments 1/17-1/20

Monday: Student Holiday
Tuesday: Pythagorean Stack for Homework
Wednesday: Unit 8 Quiz in class/Unit 8 Test Review (#'s 1-10 for homework)
Thursday: Unit 8 Test Review in class-Study for Test
Friday: Unit 8 Test-No Homework

Weekly Assignments 1/9-1/13

Monday: Angle Theorems for Triangles WS (Homework)
Tuesday: Similar Triangles WS (Homework)
Wednesday: Angles Quiz in class and no homework
Thursday: Pythagorean Theorem WS (Homework)
Friday: No Homework


Welcome back!! I hope you all had a wonderful break. Please bring your textbook to class tomorrow, Friday, December 6th.

Unit 7 Test is pushed back to Tuesday, December 13th.

We have decided to give a little extra time for Unit 7 so we will be moving the test to December 13th. We will have a Unit 7 Quiz on Friday, Test review on Monday and test on Tuesday.

What's Happening in Math This Week?

Monday: Review Simple and Compound Interest -No homework
Tuesday: Snowman Activity and start Unit 7 Review-No homework
Wednesday: College Costs -Homework Worksheet and #'s 1-10 on Test Review if not completed in class
Thursday: Review for Test 
Friday: Unit 7 Test- No Homework

Unit 6 Test Review

I am posting the Unit 6 Test Review with the answer key on my Review Page. 

Unit 6 Test on Wednesday!

The Unit 6 Test is on Wednesday. Study your notes and review sheet and get your review signed by a parent for bonus points!

What's happening in math this week?

Monday's Homework: #'s 1-10 on Unit 6 Test Review and begin Weekly Homework
Tuesday's Homework: Study for Test on Wednesday and work on Weekly Homework
Wednesday: Unit 6 Test in class and Weekly Homework 
Thursday's Homework: Simple Interest Practice and Weekly Homework (due tomorrow)
Friday's Homework: Compound Interest Practice

Unit 6 Quiz tomorrow, November 18th!

The Unit 6 Quiz will cover linear functions, domain and range and writing linear equations. You are all doing so well in this unit and I'm excited to see the good work on the quiz!

Unit 5 Test is Tomorrow!

I have attached the review and the answer key to the review page. Please use them as resources while you are studying.