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Hello there!
This will be my second year teaching at WWJH. However, I was once a student myself at Willow Wood - even in the same room! I am a proud Tomball High School graduate and then attended the University of North Texas. I feel very lucky to be back in Tomball and teaching in a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home.
I am very excited for this upcoming year and the journey through US History we will be taking together!

Recent Posts

George Washington

Welcome back! 
We are starting our spring semester with George Washington. This week students have worked on a chart titled "Challenges of the New Republic" and a worksheet titled "Washington's Farewell Address". Both assignments were given class time to be completed. I will be collecting both worksheets on Tuesday, 1/16, for a daily grade. If students did not finish in class, it is their responsibility to complete the assignments using google classroom. 
Have a great long weekend!


Students will be taking their benchmark on Tuesday, 12/12.
There are man resources to help them study:
  • Review sheet given on Friday, 12/8
  • Completed review sheet in google classroom
  • Review game in google classroom

Major Grade Debate

Students will be working on a major grade written debate in class on Wednesday, 12/6 over the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists perspectives on the ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
The debate is due Thursday, 12/7 in class.
Students who are absent or on the orchestra trip will receive their assignment on Thursday and turn it in on Friday.

Test - Thursday 11/9

Students will be taking their Road to Revolution Test on Thursday, 11/9.
Students will have an opportunity to create study cards in class on Tuesday and will have an opportunity to play a review game on Wednesday. 
Both will also be available in Google Classroom by Wednesday evening to help students study prior to the exam on Thursday.

Major Grade Project - Baseball Cards

Students are working on a major grade project in class on Monday and Tuesday. The project is due Wednesday at the beginning of class. 
Monday - Students are drawing/coloring the pictures of a patriot and a loyalist. They are able to take this with them to work on in advisory or at home.
Tuesday - Students are writing the inside component of their baseball cards. Again, they will be able to take it with them to finish at home. 
The project is segmented to help students track their progress and prevent falling behind. While I understand Tuesday evening is both a game night and Halloween, there is no excuse not to have the project complete on time. The portion completed on Monday is the most time consuming and they can finish it Monday evening if not complete. The written portion should be easily done in class if students focus and remain on task.

Major Grade Writing Assignment

Tomorrow, 10/5, students will be completing a major grade writing assignment in class. It will be a few questions that they will need to respond to in paragraph format. 
Today students will be completing a pre-write related to the writing assignment in class. They will be able to use their pre-write paper (purple sheet) to assist them with their writing assignment so long as they bring it with them to class.  

Warm Up Check

As discussed at open house, students leave a notebook in class to complete their quick write warm ups. These are checked and graded periodically. Most students received a 100. If a student received a 50, that means they had their notebook in the class bin with their name on it, however they had not actually completed any warm ups. If a student received a 0, the student either did not have a notebook in the bin, could not show me their warm ups stored in a separate location, or their name was not on their warm up book. If their name was not on their book, they can put their name on it and show it to me for up to full credit. 
Have a great afternoon!

Major Grade Project

Students were introduced to their major grade, in-class, Create-A-Colony project yesterday (9/26) and today they will be continuing to work on the assignment. It is due tomorrow (9/28) at the end of the class period. If students feel they are behind on the project, they may work on it at home by logging into their school google account. The project sheet is available in their google classroom if they need access to the directions.

Reminder: Test Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder to students that the first test is tomorrow (9/26).
We have spent the last 2 days reviewing in class. For additional preparation, students should study:
  • Their review cards made in class on Friday 
    • The answers to these are accessible in google classroom if students would like to double check their work
  • The quizlet cards and games available through the link in google classroom

Reminder: Quiz Tomorrow

As discussed in class all week, students will be taking a short quiz on Friday, 9/8.
If students would like to prepare, they can review the following:
  • GESP notes (also available in Google Classroom)
  • Columbian Exchange (also available in Google Classroom)
  • Jamestown Reading

Hurricane Harvey

Hi sweet students + families,
I just wanted to check in and make sure everyone is okay. This past weekend has been stressful for all of us. We have all experienced some sort of struggle over the past few days and weathered the storm in our own way. However, it is important that we join together, help our fellow neighbors/classmates, and focus on building a better future for us all. 
I hope that all is well with you and yours. If it is not, and you need help, feel free to reach out and the WWJH family will rally behind you. 
As we focus on coming back to school and returning to our educational routine, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need assistance. I would be happy to gather school supplies for those who have lost so much more (I understand composition books and pencils may not be on our minds). 
Sending all my thoughts, love, and blessings your way!
See you Tuesday!
Mrs. Reed