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Hello there!
This will be my first year teaching at WWJH. However, I was once a student myself at Willow Wood - even in the same room! I am a proud Tomball High School graduate and then attended the University of North Texas. I feel very lucky to be back in Tomball and teaching in a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home.
I am very excited for this upcoming year and the journey through US History we will be taking together!

Recent Posts

Spring Benchmark

Students will be taking their spring benchmark exam on Wednesday, 4/11. This exam will be a major grade!

Daily Grade Corrections

Hello Parents and Students!
As we near the end of our time in 8th grade and prepare for high school, I am implementing a new grading style that I believe will help improve students grades, encourage them to take ownership of their assignments, and prepare them for the challenges of high school course work while still benefiting from the sheltered environment of junior high.
Students will be graded for accuracy on daily grade assignments (little to no completion work). My hope is to encourage them to take their assignments more seriously and better utilize their class time. Grades may initially appear to be lower while they adjust.
However, all daily grades (excluding double daily grades like quizzes) will be eligible for corrections. Students will have 2 days outside of class time to correct any answers they may have gotten wrong for the ability to redeem all possible points back with the possibility of correcting to full credit. 
What this means, is if a student receives any any grade below a 100%, they make correct and justify their answers to reach the intended 100%. Again, this is available to all students, on all daily assignments. Please continue to check grades, and parents please encourage your children to take accountability for these assignments and take advantage of the opportunity to improve their grades. 
Corrections are also a great way for students to utilize their advisory time! 

Major Grade Project - Industrial Revolution

Students have begun a major grade assignment over the industrial revolution. they have been assigned groups, an invention, and a specific role within their group. Students will be graded on both their ability to collaborate with one another and the individual contributions they bring to the overall slide presentation. 
Students have 3 days in class to complete the assignment (Wednesday-Friday).
Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a 0 for the assignment and an office referral, as outlined by WWJH policy.

Major Grade Writing Assignment - President Poster

Students have begun a major grade writing assignment that will be due Thursday at the beginning of class. Students have Monday - Wednesday to complete the assignment in class. They may also work on it in advisory and at home. Directions and resources are posted to google classroom. 
If students need an extra copy of the writing portion of their assignment, it is available to them to print in google classroom. 
*Please note that PAP has to do the additional portion comparing to George Washington.
Any projects turned in late will not be on the progress report. I will be out of town Friday - Monday and grades are due Monday. I will be submitting grades Thursday night due to my absence. Students have been made repeatedly aware of this fact.

Reminder: Homework due Friday

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that the War Arguments activity is due tomorrow, Friday 1/27. 
Primary Source documents are available in Google Classroom.

Checkpoint Quiz

Students will be taking a checkpoint quiz ton Thursday (1/19). Students have been given 2 tools to utilize for studying - flashcards and a quizziz that is available in google classroom. Students can play the quizziz an unlimited number of times. The checkpoint quiz is a double daily grade.
Students that will be gone Thursday will take the quiz on Friday (1/20) in class.

Major Grade Map - Part 2

Reminder: Students major grade map (both parts one and two completed) are due Tuesday at the beginning of class. 
The rubric for part two is as follows:
Use the interactive map to explore diary entries for various stops they had.

Find 5 of the most interesting stops/entries (spread them throughout the route) and in 140 characters or less use the twitter feed page to Tweet-summarize the importance or information about that location on your hand out. (25)

Appropriately labeled tweets- name or initials(5)

Use your small tweet bubbles to label your points on the map with a hashtag that’s relevant to your tweet. Cut and paste them on the route. (10)

Use Black/Blue Ink (no pencil) (5)
Neatness (5)
The link to the interactive map is available through google classroom.
Have a fun and safe long weekend!

Major Grade Map - Part 1

Reminder: this is your rubric for part 1 of the major grade assignment.
MAP - Part 1
Color and Label the following bodies of water and landforms: (15 pts)
Mississippi River
Rocky Mountains
Pacific Ocean 
Color and Label the Following Territories: (15 pts)
Oregon Country
Spanish Territory
Louisiana Purchase 
Label the route of Lewis & Clark across the U.S. in red. (20 pts)
50 pts total - second half to be completed Friday 1/13.
Use the notes over Lewis and Clark to help you!


Reminder: Students need to complete their summary page of John Adams for homework (if not completed in class/advisory). It will be collected Tuesday, 1/10.
Students may access the articles through Google Classroom.

Major Grade | Federalist + Anti-Federalist Debate

Students are to complete their major grade written debate by tomorrow (12/8). They need to have their packets completed before their arrival into class. 
Each question needs to be answered as a paragraph - 3-5 sentences.

Pre-Revolution Test Review

Students will be taking their next test on THURSDAY, 11/3!
They have been given a review in Google Classroom that they need to complete for a daily grade. It is basically a pretest that prepares them for their upcoming exam. The answer key will be released here and in Google Classroom tomorrow (Wednesday 11/2) so students can review. Students are able to complete and submit the pretest as many times as they would like.
An after school test review is also available Tuesday (11/1) from 3PM-4PM in my classroom. There is a late bus to take students home or they may be picked up by parents at the front of the school.
Happy studying!

Patriot/Loyalist Baseball Cards (Major Grade)

  1. On the front of your baseball card, draw and label a picture of a Loyalist on the left half of the page, and a Patriot on the right half.
  1. On the back of your baseball card, answer the following questions in complete sentences:
  • “Also known as…” What are the nicknames of the Loyalists and Patriots?
  • What is the definition of a Loyalist and a Patriot?
  • What are the reasons for becoming a Patriot or remaining a Loyalist?
  • How would they have responded to…? (How would they feel about these events? What would they think? How would they react?)
  1. The Proclamation of 1763
  2. The Boston Tea Party
  3. The Intolerable Acts
  1. Pre-AP: On another sheet of paper, write a hypothetical autobiography (in 1st person) from the perspective of either a Loyalist or a Patriot. Must be at least 5 sentences.