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Welcome to the 2016-17 school year here at Willow Wood Junior High! My name is Coach Davis, I'm your child's 8th grade U.S History instructor for the year. Feel free to browse and become familiar with the website. We will be posting classroom updated periodically throughout the school year.

Mr. Davis 2016-17 Schedule



Important Notes


 7:40     -    8:28



8:33     -     9:21

Conference Period


9:26    -     10:14



10:19    -    11:07



A Lunch:

11:07 - 11:37   “A” Lunch (30 min.)

11:42 - 12:30     5th Period (48 min)

B Lunch

11:12 - 12:00    5th Period (48 min.)

12:00 - 12:30    “B” Lunch (30 min.)



12:34    -    1:04



1:09     -    1:57



 2:02    -     2:50


Recent Posts


This upcoming Tuesday (April 11th) we will have our benchmark. Our benchmark is going to be a slimmed down version of last years STAAR exam. To get students prepared for that, as well as, the official STAAR test we will take on May 11th, students may access digital flashcards here
The flashcards have been made accessible for your child on Google Classroom. Through quizlet, students can play games, flashcards, and it will generate multiple choice exams for them based on the content. I encourage you to quiz your child on occasion.
Thank you in advance,

Exam prep 3%2F2%2F17

I hope everyone is doing well. As we are coming to the close of the grading period. We are having a culminating exam on Thursday March 2nd. We are giving students flashcards today that they need to  fill out, the flashcards will help them out tremendously for the exam.  If you your child needs additional help, tutorials will be held after school tomorrow (2/28) from 3:15-4:15pm, a late bus will be provided for students who need a ride home.  In case the flash cards do not make it home with your child, I have attached it to this post. Please, feel free to quiz your child through out the house, we have covered this material extensively and we want them to do well this Thursday!

7 Principles of the Constitution

Attached are the notes for today's in class activity . Your child should have with them a completed foldable on the 7 principles of the constitution.  Feel free the quiz them around the house, we will have a mini matching quiz on Monday. If your child is unsure what to do, please remind them the information is on Google Classroom.  On Google Classroom, I have a video showing students how to set-up their foldable.
***Parents, if you would like to be added to your child's Google Classroom, please let me know*** 
If you have any thoughts or concerns, please email me.
Coach Davis

Common Sense Pamphlet Assignment

The notes from 10/24 "Colonial Communication" can be found under my materials tab. Attached, is our create our own Common Sense Pamphlet assignment. The notes today will be brief, most of the class period students will work on this assignment. What is not completed today, will be homework due 10/25.  
Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. 
Coach Davis. 

First Exam of the 2nd 9 Weeks Nov 3rd.

This week I  informed students that November 3rd will be our first exam. Please encourage your child to study their notes. If your child does not understand information in their notes, please encourage them to write specific questions that they have so I can address them in class. 

10-12 Homework Assignments
Students who were not able to complete the notes in class, have to for homework. Students are using information from pages 158-160 to assist them. Students will create the grid and (example attached). 
In a well-developed paragraph, answer the following question:
Was the Boston Tea Partty a justified act of civil disobedience?  Use evidence/examples (Grid/ pages 158-160 ) to support your response. 
This will be completed on a separate sheet of paper, I will collect it tomorrow. 

Outline Template

Attached is the outline that we will be using! Remember, this is the last major grade for the 9 weeks. 1 day late= -15% 2 days late= -30% 3 days late= a zero in the grade book. Please urge your child to work on this, if they have any questions, please email me. 
DUE MONDAY 10-10-16 11:59PM

Salutary Neglect

Attached is the slideshow to help guide students through their outline for our writing assignment that is due Monday at 11:59pm. This will be our last major grade for the 1st 9 weeks grading period. I will follow-up this post with a copy of the outline our department is using. It is important that students submit this assignment via Google Classroom!


I have attached the vocabulary words for unit two. The list will develop and grow as we move through the unit. Parents, feel free to quiz your child around the house if you have the time. I have also attached the notes from 10-3 (Colonial Identities)  and 10-4 (Britain Taxes the Colonies) on my materials page. Click here for a short cut. 

1st Nine Weeks Essay Writing Prompt

Every 9 week grading period, we will have an essay prompt students will work on. We will be working on our outline in the coming days. This is another major grade opportunity that could help students out as we enter the last leg of the grading period. 
Prompt: How does salutary neglect affect the relationship between the                         English and the British American colonies?

1st9 Weeks Binder Check

Attention Parents,
Students were given a binder check today for a daily grade. Attached are the articles students need to complete the binder check assignment. In Google Classroom, there is a form with questions students will need their notes to complete.  If your child did not complete the form quiz or did not like their score, they can still access it on Google Classroom, I will enter the scores on Sunday. 

Create a Colony Project

Attached is the project that we are starting today in class. The Create-a-Colony project will be a collaborative project between two students with the use of Google Slides. We will spend the next three days in class on this. The goal is for students to  wrap-up their projects by Friday. This would give students the chance to briefly present their work to their peers. Here is a link to the rubric students will be graded on. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.
Coach Davis


Today, students will be completing their colonialism/ exploration exam. Between Wednesday-Friday, students will be working collaboratively with another student creating their own colony. This project forces students to go in depth explaining, the geographic location, economic activities, government style and various social aspects of their colony.  Students will also present their work to the class. I will upload  details of the projects on here and our Google Classroom tomorrow after we introduce the project. If you are interested in joining our Google Classroom, please let me know.