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Thank you for taking the time to stop by!
This school year I am teaching Pre-AP U.S. and Texas History. I received my degree from TAMUK in Political Science and International Affairs.
My family and I recently moved to the area and we are very excited to contribute and become part of the Tomball ISD community.



Recent Posts

Welcome Back!

I wanted to send a reminder to parents that major assignments are posted through the website when they're assigned and daily work is still going to be in the student's google classroom for their reference.
We are trying to ease the students back into school days, so work this week is limited, but a current event is due this Friday. 
Also, while most students brought post it notes to school in August, they've since been turned into origami. This semester, students will need these for their intended purpose, so please check with your child. 
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! 
We are 65 days away from Spring Break!

Benchmark, Major Grades, and More

Texas History will take their benchmark on Tuesday, 12/13. Please have your student review their INB.
US History will take their benchmark on Thursday, 12/15. Please have your student review their binders and INB.
Friday, December 16th will be a half-day for all students. 
7th and 8th Graders will be working on their major writing grades in class this week.
6 week grades will be coming out this week, please look for them.
With every PAP class, students who receive below a 70 for the semester will be dropped from the course and enrolled in an on level class. 
I will recommend an exit for students with a semester grade of 70-74 and a written action plan will be placed on file for students.

PAP History courses tend to be more student centered with less teacher-led instruction, at a faster pace, more rigorous, and judged against a stricter grading scale. 


Please be sure to subscribe to the class pages and not just my personal portion. Documents uploaded to classes (and not my page) may not alert you. Two options are available to you: Texas and US.