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10/19 7th Acc.

HW: WS 4-5 front #1-4, back #1-5. Quiz tomorrow! Please go over your notes from this week in your INB!

10/18 7th Acc. Assignment

Today's assignment:  WS 4-4 FRONT - ALL, BACK - #2 and 3a only

10/16: Algebra HW

Tonight's HW is Slope-Intercept Form Practice, which I think most of you finished in class. :-)

10/6 7th Acc. Math

Yesterday's HW due Tues. 10/10. WS 3-3 front- ALL, back- #1 only. Next TEST is Thurs.10/12, Unit 3 (ratios, proportions, slope, unit rate)

Mrs. Janda's Tutoring Schedule:
Tues: 2:55-3:30pm
Thurs: 7:10-7:30am