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Can you believe it's already the end of the first quarter?  It will be 2018 before we know it!  I hope everyone is settled in to our routine here in class and at WWJH.  During the first quarter of this course we covered Lab Safety, Atoms and the Periodic Table, and Chemistry.  Second quarter in 7th grade Accelerated Science brings with it the topics of Force and Motion and Sun-Moon-Earth systems.  I have such an impressive group of students this year--- keep up the great work, everyone!  GO WILDCATS!!!
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Due 10/23

Some students may need to finish reading and answering the questions found on pp.162-167 in their textbooks.
Have a great weekend!

QUIZ Friday

Hi!  We have a quiz tomorrow on the Force and Motion topics we have covered this week in class.  Also, students may have a net force calculations worksheet to finish tonight for homework.

Due 10/19

Article questions and the unbalanced/ balanced forces critical writing assignment are due tomorrow (Thursday).  You only need three real-world examples (total- not for each).

Due 10/17

Friday we began our unit on force and motion.  Today we reviewed related topics.  Some students may need to finish their calculations page at home.

Due 10/ 13/17

Good evening,
Tomorrow marks the end of the first quarter- hard to believe, I know!  All missing and make-up work needs to be turned in by the end of the day on Friday, please.  Students only have homework tonight if this applies to them (missing/ make-up).  You can access student grades at any time through the Home Access Center (HAC)  [Students received their login and password to the HAC recently during advisory- it was on a green sheet of paper.]    

TEST TOMORROW! (Wednesday)

Our chemistry unit test will be given tomorrow. 
Students were introduced to a mini-project today where they will be researching a chemist of their choosing.  These projects are due Thursday by the end of the day.

For 10/10/17

Hi All!
I hope you enjoyed your extended weekend!  This is just a friendly reminder (that if available) to please bring your electronic device to science class tomorrow as we will be starting research on our mini-project.

IMPORTANT Information

I have created a new page on this website (located under my profile picture) called "Accelerated Science Info" which includes important information regarding this course.  Please read to review requirements for entry to this course, requirements for continuing in this course (deadlines), and information students are responsible for knowing if they are new to the accelerated science program (were not in 6th grade accelerated science last year).  Thank you.


Hello!  Next Friday is the end of the first quarter!  We will take our final test for this quarter on Wednesday (please see earlier post for information regarding the content covered on this test).  Also, next week we will be working in class on a chemistry mini-project.  Students are permitted to bring and use their electronic devices in class on Tuesday (10/10) for research purposes.

Chemistry Unit TEST Information

Students will have their last major grade for the first quarter on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.  The following topics will be covered on the test:

7th Grade Accelerated Science

Chemical Bonding and Chemical Reactions Test

Textbook Reference: 8th Grade Interactive Science pages 108-150

Classwork/Journal Page References:  Science Binder Warm-Ups and Notes

Main Objectives Covered:

  • interpret the arrangement of the Periodic Table, including groups and periods, to explain the number of valence electrons (groups) and energy levels (periods)
  • identify and describe ionic and covalent bonding, including the ions that form ionic bonds
  • recognize that chemical formulas are used to identify substances and determine the number of atoms of each element in chemical formulas containing subscripts;
  • investigate how evidence of chemical reactions indicate that new substances with different properties are formed; and
  • recognize whether a chemical equation containing coefficients is balanced or not and how that relates to the law of conservation of mass.
  • identify and describe endothermic and exothermic reactions in terms of energy and evidence of chemical changes


Homework due 10/5/17

Students are to read pp. 130-137 in their science textbooks and answer any questions/ complete any tasks found on these pages.  Pages do not need to be torn out to receive credit.

Homework due 10/3

Hello!  Some students may need to complete their worksheet on "Identifying Balanced Equations" tonight if they did not finish it in class today.  

Homework for 10/2

Hello!  Students have a homework assignment to finish this weekend.  They should first complete the worksheet of 8 Frayer Models.  Next, students should write ONE good paragraph (5 sentences) using more than one word from their Frayer Model worksheet.  As they use these words they should underline them within their sentences.  Finally, everyone must use the following sentence stem to begin their paragraph of writing:  "Chemical compounds are..."  This assignment can be hand-written or typed. 


Hello!  Today we learned how to write formulas for some chemical compounds.  Students have homework on this topic for practice.  There is a chemistry quiz on Friday.