7th Grade PAP Science

Mrs Laryssa Oswald
2018-2019 School Year


Course Description


Profile of a PreAP Student:

Although enrollment in these courses is open, the following should be considered by students and parents/guardians when considering enrollment in these courses:


  • PreAP courses are designed to challenge students and prepare them for advanced level coursework in high school and in college.
  • Curriculum in PreAP courses often

o   Is more rigorous

o   Moves at a faster pace

o   Requires independent learning

o   Requires outside reading and work

  • Students should

o   Have proven history of academic success in the subject area

o   Possess interest in the subject area

o   Consider balance of academic load with outside commitments

o   Be actively engaged in their own learning, taking responsibility for work load and asking questions when needed

o   Possess high quality study skills and time management skills


Quiz Friday

Genetics an Reproduction Quiz Friday 
What to study.....
1. Genetics Notes J. 36
2. Warm-up week 9 Vocabulary
3. Reproduction Chart J.32

Homework Tonight

Please Finish
-Biome Notes (Google slides on Google Classroom)
-Biome Map
-Biome Flag (use online textbook)

Book Study Final Presentation Due Tomorrow

Please turn in Google Slides or Movie trailer into Google classroom
Posters will be handed to the teacher in class.