Health (Period 5th )

Course Description

Course Description
Welcome to Health! 
I am blessed to be teaching your child this year. We are going to be diving right into our first unit, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. So this is where you come in. We want you to help us start the conversation about your child's health. First and foremost you are the first point of contact for you child, however we encourage students to talk and discuss topics in class with their peers in a comfortable and safe classroom environment. 
Below are the Units we will be covering this semester: 
Unit 1 - Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
Unit 2 - mental health, self esteem and bullying
Unit 3 - Physical Fitness/Weight Management/Eating Disorders
Unit 4 - Preventing Infectious/Lifestyle Diseases
Unit 5 - Reproduction, Pregnancy and Development
Unit 6 - CPR
 ** Please note that your student will receive two parent letters to have signed and brought back in order to attend the Reproductive Unit and the CPR Certification Unit.
I have attached the online copy of our class textbook. Please feel free to take a look and follow along with us this semester.


Tutoring will be held in the mornings before school beginning at 7:15 on Tuesday and Thursday.  There will also be opportunities to make up assignments during the Advisory period within the school day.  Your student must have a pass from the teacher to attend during Advisory period.

Grading Procedures

Health Class is a high school credit course that follows district policy 30% Daily Grades and 70% Major Grades.  Daily grades include class participation, class work, notes, worksheets and projects. Major grades include written exams and projects .   

All classwork is due the day it is assigned.  Therefore, no late work will be accepted on class work.  All grades will be updated by Friday of each week.

Students will be given the opportunity to master the curriculum and to improve one major grade per grading period according to the following guidelines: Offered to all students who have failed a major grade assessment. The content will be determined by the teacher. The maximum score will be a 70. No test will be given to students who previously earned a 0. The test will be offered at the end of the nine week grading period.

I hope that your child learns a lot this semester and enjoys their experience. Please reach out to me through email if you have any questions or concerns. 

Mrs Susie Plummer
Health/Dance Teacher
281.357.3030  ext. 1377

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