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Touch Systems Data Entry (TSDE) (Period 5)

Mrs. Deanna Hunold
Career & Technical Education
2018-2019 School Year


Course Description

Welcome to Touch Systems Data Entry.  We will be learning the keyboard letters, numbers and symbols.  Our focus will be to learn to type with speed and accuracy as well as learn proper formatting when typing documents.  Your child will receive a 1/2 a high school credit for successful completion of the class.  I hope to have a lot of fun. 


Tutoring will be held in the mornings before school beginning at 7:15 on Tuesday and Thursday.  There will also be opportunities to make up assignments during the Genius period within the school day.  Your student must have a pass from the teacher to attend during Genius period.

Grading Procedures

Touch Systems Data Entry follows district policy 30% Daily Grades and 70% Major Grades.  Daily grades include class participation, class work, technique grades, correct finger placement and usage, correct body placement and keyboard timings.  Major grades include keyboard timings, correct body placement, written exams, projects and production.  Keyboard covers will be required for this class and if removed will result in a cheating consequence. This is a high school credit class therefore there is a final exam at the end of the semester, administered in three parts, which counts as 20% of the overall grade average.

All classwork is due the day it is assigned.  Therefore, no late work will be accepted on class work.  All grades will be updated by Friday of each week.

​Students will be given the opportunity to master the curriculum and to improve one major grade per grading period according to the following guidelines: Offered to all students who have failed a major grade assessment. The content will be determined by the teacher. The maximum score will be a 70. No test will be given to students who previously earned a 0. The test will be offered at the end of the nine week grading period.

Internet Usage

Because this lab has Internet capabilities, each student and his/her parent or guardian need to carefully read the Internet Usage Agreement sheet that was turned in when schedules were handed out.  The Internet can be a useful took in education, but strict guidelines will be given for the students to follow.  Usage requires the student to understand that he/she is responsible for following the guidelines set forth by the district.