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Read to Them and Tomball ISD Partner to Boost Literacy and Connection Amidst Distance Learning

As children and teachers across the country face the beginning of a very different school year, Read to Them and Tomball ISD partner to provide a community building literacy experience for families throughout Texas.

On the designated kickoff day, elementary students across Texas will be involved in school and community events virtually. Each student will receive a copy of the same book, Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe. Each evening they’ll read a chapter with their families—the same chapter that other elementary students across the state will be reading with their families.

“Our reading schedule will take about 15 minutes each night,” says Read to Them Executive Director, Christa Donohue, “putting the entire community literally on the same page. Their reading will be augmented with virtual classroom activities, author interactions, trivia contests, prizes and fun opportunities for family engagement.”

Texas Reads One Book kicks off on February 5, 2021. Thousands of students in hundreds of schools have joined together to celebrate family literacy through Read to Them’s statewide reading programs.

These are anxious times. Faced with the challenges of distance learning, we want to assist in encouraging families to continue making reading at home a priority. Texas Reads One Book makes it fun.

Read to Them is a Richmond based non-profit promoting family literacy, with programs that have reached over 2 million families in over 3000 schools in all 50 states. When children become successful readers at an early age, academic success follows — increasing high school graduation rates and building the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity. For more information: www.readtothem.org