Welcome to the World of Art!

Art is in everything that we do. The designers of our clothing, our cars, our furniture. The creators of movies and tv shows that provide endless entertainment. Art is an amazing way for anyone of any age to express themselves.
My name is Eva Trenkamp and I am one of the Art Teachers here at Willow Wood Junior High School. I teach two Art 2 classes at Willow Wood Junior High School and four Art 1 classes at Tomball Memorial High School. This is my first year as a teacher and I could not be more excited to begin the 2018-2019 school year and get to know your children. I graduated from University of Houston in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in art history. I am a product of Klein ISD and was very active in their art program as well. 
By the end of the year your children will be familiar with the Elements and Principles of Art, several famous artists as well as some less known artists, they will be familiar with several different mediums as well. 
I look forward to working with your kiddos and getting them excited about art. 

Course Description: This year students will be introduced to the fundamentals of art. Students will explore and apply the Elements of Art and Principles of Design when creating, developing, and designing original works of art. Students will learn techniques and experiment with a variety of methods including drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and ceramic/sculpture. Students will also study, learn, and appreciate the art works of contemporary and past artists.


TEKS Objectives for Art 2:

  • Students rely on personal observations and perceptions, which are developed through increasing visual literacy and sensitivity to surroundings, communities, memories, imaginings, and life experiences as sources for thinking about, planning, and creating original artworks.
  • Students communicate their thoughts and ideas with innovation and creativity. Through art, students challenge their imaginations, foster critical thinking, collaborate with others, and build reflective skills.
  • While exercising meaningful problem- solving skills, students develop the lifelong ability to make informed judgments.



Required Supplies:  The supplies you are responsible for purchasing and bringing to class daily are (everything else will be provided):


  • Sketchbook (minimum size 9 x 12 inches, SPIRAL bound with unlined pages)
  • # 2 Pencils (Pencils are a MUST HAVE for an art class)
  • Pencil Bag, with name written on the outside
  • Inside the pencil bag a set of 24 DIFFERENT colored pencils. No erasable colored pencils or Colorrific as they do not blend well. Crayola is preferred, Prismacolor is even better-but these cost a little more. Please do not buy 2 sets of 12, then students will have only 12 different colors.
  • Big eraser (also for inside pencilbag)
  1. Good handheld pencil sharpener


Sketchbook: Students will be working in their sketchbooks DAILY in class.  They are encouraged to draw in their sketchbook should they finish any assignment/project early in class. Students may bring their sketchbooks home to work in but must bring it back so they can have it in class DAILY.


Drawing Warm Ups: The more you practice drawing the better you will be J  Drawing warm ups will be drawn in your sketchbook weekly; they are graded on accuracy and completion; Your warm ups will be graded as a whole each 9 weeks and are worth a MAJOR grade.




Classroom Rules: A.R.T.I.S.T.

  1. ACT RESPONSIBLY- when allowed to visit, use a quiet voice, listen for teacher attention call backs and respond, listen when teacher is talking
  2. RESPECT YOURSELF, OTHERS, MATERIALS, AND YOUR SCHOOL- stay in seat unless you have permission to get up, be kind to each other, use materials correctly, raise hand
  3. TAKE CARE- Clean up after yourself ALWAYS. When you do not clean up after yourself, it delays the class after you. This is very important. Follow all class procedures.
  4. IMAGINATION IS KEY- Your imagination and creativity fuel your art. Make sure to create your on work. Do not copy from others, this is plagiarism and will result in a 0 for that grade.
  5. STAY SEATED- Raise your hand and wait patiently. For restroom questions, help from teacher, raise your hand and wait. We follow the first 10, last 10 rule for leaving the classroom and we only leave one at a time after given permission.
  6. TALK QUIETLY- Use your inside voice and follow all noise level procedures. Do not yell across the room. Nobody wants a headache, especially me! :)



Consequences for Non-Compliance with Classroom Rules:

Student will sign their name in book along with the number for the rule broken. If behavior is a continuous problem, a call or email home will be issued. If behavior continues after this, student will receive a write up.



Expected Student Behavior: Students will...

  • come to class prepared, on time, and ready to work
  • stay in assigned seat/work area at all times
  • turn in all work completed and on time
  • be respectful of others and their belongings
  • work the entire class period -on art assignments only
  • clean up work area and return supplies at the end of the class period
  • follow all school and classroom rules
  • cell phones off and out of sight



Averages will be calculated as follows:


60% Major Grade – major art projects, drawing warm ups (as a whole) in depth drawing

                                     studies, etc.

40% Daily Grade – daily in class assignments, class notes, preliminary project sketches, thumbnails,

artist research/facts, participation and application, small scale drawing studies, critiques, clean up and quizzes, warm up etc.


 Major projects grades will be determined according to the following general criteria, although project specific criteria and expectations will accompany each project:


          25% Creativity – Did the student use original and interesting ideas?


            25% Composition – Did the student follow all project directions and

                                             meet the requirements ?


25% Craftsmanship – Is the project quality work; correct use of materials; overall



25% Commitment/ Effort – Did the student use their class time wisely? Was there progressive effort towards completion DAILY? Successful Attitude?



Work is evaluated through weekly progress grades as well as completed project grades. This occurs through informal (oral) and formal (written) critiques analyzing student work with teacher and peers.


Daily assignments are due during the assigned class period, unless it is given as homework. Any incomplete class work will be graded accordingly.



Late Work – Always make sure name and period are on the back of the assignment

            1 day late = 15 point deduction

            2 days late = 30 point deduction

            3 days late = Grade of 0


All major art projects must be created in class.  You may take work home for extra work time, but you may NOT bring art from home that has never been seen in class and expect it to be graded as a class project.


Miscellaneous Information:


Class attendance is IMPORTANT ! Due dates are given for assignments and work is expected to be complete by those dates. Time management is an important part of art class – your grade for this class is closely tied to the work done in class.

Absent?  If absent, you are responsible for obtaining quizzes, assignments, worksheets, daily notes, etc.  Your make-up time begins the evening of the day you return.  You will have as many days that you were absent to get caught up. This will be done outside of class time or in the morning before school.


Tutoring/Additional Work Time:

Please see me if you need to stay late to work on an assignment or come during lunch so that we can schedule it.

Copyright Issues - Art is recreating something you have seen in a new and fresh way, which means that you must make it your own.  If you are inspired by someone, make sure you change it enough to claim ownership to the finished product.  Plagiarism is against the law, disrespectful to yourself and the person you have stolen from.  Using published photographs or other artists’ work and saying it is your own is plagiarism and will NOT be tolerated.   I know that you are creative enough to be original !

Choosing Subject Matter - Art is a personal activity with freedom to express YOU. Please understand that in a high school setting, it is important to establish boundaries of appropriateness. Use your best judgment in choosing subject matter for projects.  Artwork that promotes alcohol, drugs, violence, and gang related subjects are inappropriate for school and will not be accepted for grading.  If in doubt, consult the teacher before starting a project. In extreme cases, the project may be submitted for disciplinary review.


Recent Posts

Fox Watercolor PRACTICE

So proud of our WILDCATS! We practiced some techniques with watercolor yesterday and students were required to paint a fox, following along with the demonstration, in ONE class period! Look at what our amazing Wildcats can accomplish in one class period. I'm blown away.


We are starting our clay project today! Each student received a pound of clay and they are making small replicas of food, YUM! 
These will be due on 11/20.
Just a heads up, the grades will take a while to be posted on this project due to the clay needing to be bone dry and before I can fire it and grade it. 

Self Portraits

Students are working on self portraits that are due 11/6. They are loosely inspired by an amazing African Artist, Enam Bosokah, who draws portraits in pen! Attached is the current slide I have displayed while students are working (with the rubric).
If you haven't heard of Enam Bosokah, I highly encourage you to look him up! :)

Rodeo Art is ALMOST finished

Students are working diligently on finishing their rodeo pieces, this is a very exciting thing as it is a HUGE honor to have your rodeo piece go on to hang at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or even in our local Tomball ISD rodeo art viewing later in the school year. 
Our pieces are a 10x14 drawing where students learning how to grid, and how to draw on a grid. I encourage students who feel they will not be finished on time to PLEASE take them home to work on it or to come in the mornings at 7:00am for additional time. 

Art 2 Syllabus 19-20

Hello All! 
I am attaching the Art 2 Syllabus in case your student misplaces it today, as the first day can be hectic. I made a correction on this copy, I am at two different campuses and messed up on my phone contact. Sorry! 
My work phone is 281 357 3230 ext 1157, this is the desk I will be at in the afternoons, which is the time I return and make calls.