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Congratulations 8th Grade Boys Team 
Back to Back District Champs 


Dear Parents,


WWJH will hold Cross Country tryouts. The tryout procedures is as follows:
August 22, 2018 after school students will be required to run a 2 mile CC course. The top 12 runners in each division will make the CC team.  The four divisions include: 7th Grade Girls, 7th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls and 8th Grade Boys. Tryouts will be ran like a CC Meet with two races rather than four.  Each athlete will receive a numbered place card as they cross the finish line. Please note tryouts will be closed to parents. All races will start and end at the track. Students will be walked to the side of the school once all races are completed for car rider pick up.


Order of Events:

3:15 pm 8th Grade Boys & Girls 

3:40 pm 7th Grade Boys & Girls


All Athletes must have a current physical on file with the school before tryouts. Any students with a history of Asthma must bring an inhaler to tryouts. A Completed Permission to Carry Form and Asthma Action Plan signed by a doctor, and dated after May 1, 2018 must be on file with the School Nurse before tryouts. I recommend all Asthmatic runners to buy a fanny pack to make it easier for them to carry their inhaler while they run. It’s mandatory for them carry an inhaler for every practice and meet. Fanny’s sold at Academy, Amazon, and Marshalls. Honestly, the athletic  fanny-packs are smaller made for inhalers, and can be worn discreetly under a t-shirt.

C.C. Parent Information Meeting Tentatively: Thursday: August 23rd 5 pm in the Gym. 

The Cross Country’s team practice schedule for the fall 2018 season will be as follows; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 6:20-7:15 am.  Practices are mandatory please do not allow your child to tryout if your family cannot commit to attending practices. C.C. season is from August to mid October.  

All students that make the CC team will receive a schedule change from PE to athletes.  I highly suggest all CC Athletes run this summer to get acclimated to the heat. I would recommend running 30 minutes three times a week not including warm up or cool down. When training it is always important to have a well balance diet and stay hydrated. Willow Wood has a competitive CC team. I am really looking forward to next season. 



Summer Camps 


Physicals will be held at TMHS on Thursday, MAY 3, 2018 2-6pm. The cost is $20.

For all forms, links and information, please distribute the following link to your student-athlete parents:



A new physical is required for each school year and this is a great way to get it done at low cost and ensure that it is on file with the school in advance of all camps, and upcoming seasons.  No physicals dated prior to April 15, 2018 will be accepted for the 2018-19 athletic year.


We are introducing ONLINE PRE-PAY this year and accepting advance payments until April 27, 2018


Carissa L. Spraberry MEd, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer

Tomball Memorial High School
O) 281-357-3230 ext. 1189


About Tryouts:

Willow Wood will not offer a Cross Country Class for the 2018-2019 school year.  


Please bring the physical paperwork to me during meet the teacher, before school starts. If you have your physical exam completed at TMHS on May 3rd please still make time to come visit. I have to verify eligibility before tryouts. 

All students wanting to tryout will need to change out of their school clothes into athletic clothes, and running shoes before tryouts start. The locker rooms will be open for the kids to change. (Locker-rooms are located across for the two gyms)  I will lock the locker room doors before we go outside. All of the students gear will be locked in the locker-room (not the hall locker or band hall) until the end of try-outs. The athletic lockers will be issued during their Athletic/PE class during the first week of school.

The kids are allowed to bring their own water, sports drink, and snacks to tryouts.  Water will be provided by the track as well.  I will not be able to let anyone in the locker room during tryouts. Please plan on your child staying until 4:15 pm. We will all walk back into the school together the kids will collect all their belonging. We will walkout to the side parking lot for pick up. (Cafeteria/ bus ramp side of the school) Please plan on picking up at 4:15. 


During the 2017 tryouts--- Over 100 students tried out for C.C. Junior High Tryouts turned into an event. Thankfully many coaches, high school CC runners, and teachers helped to make the process smooth as possible. Again, tryouts are closed to parents. If you are early please wait in your car. I realize you are excited to hear how they finished, but please stay in the parking lot. Having a cold sports drink waiting on them might just get you awarded the parent of the week. 

Summer Workouts 
I highly suggest all CC Athletes run this summer to get acclimated to the heat. I would recommend three days a week- 30 minutes of straight running not counting warm up or cool down. When training it is always important to have a well balance diet and stay hydrated.


What is a competitive two mile time?

Each year is different. The 2017 time range- 


8th Grade Boys---   High 11 minutes to Low/Mid 12 minutes

8th Grade Girls— Low 14 minutes to Low 15 minutes

7th Grade Boys—12 minutes to High 13 minutes

7th Grade Girls – 15 Minutes to Mid 17 minutes