Track & Field

2020 Willow Wood Track & Field
Track practice will be held daily from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Please arrange for athletes to be picked up no later then 4:45pm from the cafeteria parking lot.
Some event coaches may stipulate specific days for practices by division (boys/girls, 7th/8th grade). Please have athletes clarify with their specific event coaches if they have questions. 
Information About Track Meets
Attending Track & Field Meets
Athletes who earned a spot at one of the event teams are not automatically qualified to attend
every track meet.
We are limited to only bringing 3-4 athletes in each division to each track meet and yet most event coaches have kept on a few additional athletes at each event as alternates that will be expected to attend practices, work on their technique, and who will have the opportunity to attend a track meet if they can outperform their teammates. This does mean that there will be some athletes who might not ever get a chance to attend a meet this year; it is just how the sport works. We encourage those athletes to work hard this season, do their best to outperform their teammates and try their best to earn the chance to attend a meet, and at the very least they will have a year of practice under their belt that will give them a leg up on making the team next year.
Expectations of our Student-Athletes
All athletes are expected to represent Willow Wood Junior High with integrity and we expect a high level of personal responsibility from all athletes. The nature of a track meet is less structured than many of the team sports our athletes are used to competing in. They must be on their best behavior at all times at meet, be responsible not to miss their events, and demonstrate good sportsmanship both during their own events and as spectators at other events. We will not abide athletes who cannot take responsibility for themselves to represent our school with honor and integrity. If an athlete fails to meet these expectation, they will not be allowed to attend future track meets.
Athletes competing in a track meet will be transported by school bus to all meets. Athletes may leave a track meet directly with their parents after they are finished competing in their events once the parent/guardian has signed them out with their coach. Athletes not signed out by their parents will be transported back to Willow Wood at the conclusion of the meet and will be picked up there. (If the track meet takes place at a TISD facility, we may require all athletes to be picked up directly from the meet.) Athletes MUST be signed out by a parent or guarding prior to leaving! In order to ensure the safety of our athletes (your children), we have to be strict on that point. If we have an unaccounted-for athlete at the culmination of a track meet because they forgot to sign out, the athlete will be suspended from attending the next meet.
All athletes competing in a meet will be issued track uniforms and track sweats; it is the responsibility of the athlete to keep up with their uniforms and sweats for the duration of the track season and provide for their laundering. Athletes will be charged for any uniforms/sweats damaged or missing at the culmination of the season. All specialized equipment (batons, discus, shot-puts, poles, etc.) will be provided by WWJH. Athletes may purchase a pair of track spikes for running/jumping events if they wish but they are not
Additional Information
Students may wish to pack a snack to eat after the school day is over and prior to their event as track meets can stretch out past dinner time. They may also choose to bring money to use at any concession stands available (most meets will have an operating concession stand.)
In the event of bad weather, we will update the website and let students/parents know of any cancellations as soon as possible. Meets may be rescheduled, but due to the facilities being used for high school events as well it is not always possible. Please sign up for the “REMIND” communication app on your smart phone for the most up-to-date notifications regarding cancelled practices or meets.