2020 Student Materials Drop off and Pick up information

Good morning parents of WWJHS students. The following information will guide
you through our plans for Student Material pick up and drop off. We ask that you
abide by all of our procedures so that we can ensure the safest and most efficient
process. Safety is our number one priority!
We have organized the Pick Up/Drop Off by the first letter of your child’s last
name. Please refer to the table below for Specific Days and Times. We understand
that some parents may be back to work and because of this, we have a time and
day for late pick up and drop off (Please refer to Wednesday).
Grid of alpha and time pickup

Our Primary concern is safety and Social Distancing. Therefore, this process has
been organized as a curbside drop off and pick up of items on your child’s
designated day and time. Student belongings will be returned in bags to you and
your child through a system of stations as you make your way through our parking
lot. Items that belong to the school will also be collected at designated stations
along the route. If you need to pick up medicine from the school, after you go
through the main line (back parking lot), please turn into the front drive way of the
school and a station will be set up to assist you.
STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: (Please remain in your vehicle at all times)
1. Pull into the back parking lot (nearest the cafeteria) and follow the line
2. Stop at the First Station. The staff will greet you and ask you some
questions. The workers will ask for your child’s last name and what
materials need to be picked up and dropped off. They will place a note card
on your car windshield. (PLEASE speak to your child beforehand to ensure
that all school material is collected from your home and is ready to be
returned on this day.)
3. Continue going from station to station. At the end of the pick up/drop off
line, please exit the line as usual and if you need to pick up medicine please
pull into the front drive way.
4. We ask that students are accompanied by an adult and arrive by automobile.
No bike riders or walkers will be allowed in the line for safety purposes.
5. When exiting the back parking lot, you will only be allowed to turn right
(which will lead you to North Eldridge).
6. If you are picking up medicine from the school, please bring a pen because
you will have to sign for the medicine.
7. Please watch for staff directing traffic and please be careful and patient.
We have designed this process to be as safe, quick, and efficient as possible.
Based on how we are preparing bags, items will NOT be ready for return on nondesignated days.
Please refer to the map below for the specific traffic patterns.
Drop off pick up map