First Day of School Information for TVS and Face to Face students and families

First day of school:

 As we gear up for the first day of school which is (Tuesday, September 8th) I wanted to send some reminders and information about this upcoming week.

If you have not already, please refer to the Reopening 2020 Student/Parent Handbook.  Spanish Version:

Please have your student click on the following link for helpful videos:  (Parents and Students:  For the link to work you have to hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and then click. The site will open in your browser.)

   We ask that our students  watch the videos before the first day of school.  At the top right hand part of the webpage there are two subjects (Home and School Procedures) please be sure that you view both tabs! I have been asked for maps of our school by many parents.  Unfortunately, we do not distribute maps because of campus safety measures. When students return to the building we ensure that we orient our students to our campus. We have one correction to the video related to the water fountain procedures.  Students can have water bottles that are not see through.  Water bottles need to be spill proof! We ask that if a water bottles are turned on its side or upside-down, that water does not spill out. 

For our students that plan to ride bus transportation, the district had asked that you register your child with the transportation department.  You can do this at:  If you have not done this already, please do so as soon as possible.  To register you will need to go to previously referred to page and click on the Bus Service Registration Page. At the top of the form states: Please do not fill this form out if you already completed your commitment form that was sent out by the district on July 24th and August 6th when you choose Face to Face or Virtual Learning.

Car riders will be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon in our back parking lot.  The front driveway of the school is only for Bus Transportation. Please view the car rider videos at   (Parents and Students: For the Link to work you must hold sown the CTRL button on your keyboard and then click. The site will open in your browser.) .

I shared our New Bell Schedule with all parents earlier in the week.  Here is a copy. 20-21 Bell Schedule WWJHS Final.pdf 

All students, (Face to Face and Virtual) will all follow the same bell schedule.  All classes will be taken by students at the same time each day.  There is not a different bell schedule for Virtual students.

Student Lunches for Face to Face and Virtual students:  All students will eat lunch according to who their 5th period teacher is!  Please see the attachment:WWJHS 2020 - 2021 Lunch Schedule.pdf   There is no altering from this lunch schedule for face to face or virtual students.

WWJHS Intervention/Advisory class:  Our intervention/advisory class is attached to our student’s 5th period class.  If you look at our bell schedule, times for (lunch, class, and intervention/advisory) are all scheduled out for students.  During our intervention/advisory time we give students intervention, Social Emotional instruction, allow students to use part of the time to work on homework, and for our virtual students, they can use this time for Virtual Office Hours with their virtual teachers.  This is a valuable time for our students. 

Please remember that at this time, that we are not completing schedule changes.  Therefore, students must follow the schedule that they have.  Once we are ready for schedule changes, we will inform students and parents of the procedures. 

This is just a reminder:  All students are required to wear a facemask.

Additional Safety Reminders:

TISD Visitor Policy: Due to safety protocols, No visitors are allowed on campus.  We have a procedure established if you need to pick up your child early from school.  (Ex. Doctors appointment, etc.)  Please have your Drivers License available.  Directions will be given to you when you arrive at the front door.

Deliveries will not be allowed at WWJHS. Students who forget projects, athletic attire, books, etc. will need to have a back-up plan, or bring those items the following day. Students who forget their lunch can choose from the variety of options provided by our Tomball ISD food services team in the cafeteria.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our students face to face or virtually!  Yes, this is an unprecedented time.  We know there will be some bumps in the road.  I truly believe that if we work together the Sky is the Limit!  I ask for your patience, prayers, and cooperation as we do all that we can do for our students, staff, and educational community.  Safety is job number one for us. We want what is best for all of our students and staff!  I look forward to working with you throughout this year.


Take care,

Bob Frost


TVS Information:

 I just wanted to ensure that our Virtual learners and their parents have as much information as possible, since this is a very different environment than the face to face one.  Here is some important information for our Virtual Students:

  • The first day of school for all students is Tuesday, September 8.
  • TVS students will follow their schedule from 1st period through 7th period everyday. They will attend every one of their classes virtually.
  • Students must access Schoology every day.
  • Students will have an established Google Meet session with their teacher every day.  Students must attend the established Google Meet every day.
  • In order to find the Google Meet Link, students will need to access their Schoology account and go into each class to find the Google Meet Link for that class.
  • For students who miss daily instruction, a parent may provide a note to excuse the absence. The note may be provided through email. Please send absence notes to Mrs. Calvillo is the attendance secretary/clerk for WWJHS. Attendance for virtual students will be taken by each one of their teachers every day.
  • TVS students will have Advisory/Virtual office hours every day.  This is when the face to face students are in Intervention/Advisory.  Refer to the attached bell schedule for times. 20-21 Bell Schedule WWJHS Final.pdf 
  • The grading policy will remain the same for both learning options (Face to Face and Virtual). According to TEA guidance, the grading policies for remote/virtual instruction must be  consistent with the District’s grading policies for on campus assignments.

We will continue to keep in touch with you throughout the year.  If you have questions about the virtual classes, I ask that you please reach out to your child's virtual teachers.

Schoology Information:

 I hope you received your child's schoology access information that was sent out by TISD Friday.  We wanted to include a resource for Schoology.  Please click on the following: WWJH Schoology Introduction Slides.pdf 

Here is information that can be found on the TISD website:

I also wanted to attach the last statement that was in the Schoology Access Code email sent by TISD:

We will continue to add additional resources throughout next week on the district website to assist you with logging in. If you have trouble logging into Schoology next week, we will have our Helpdesk available to you to assist by phone; 281-357-3052 x 4001 or by email at Thank you and we look forward to another great school year in Tomball ISD!"