Grade Recovery in Band

Willow Wood JHS Electives Department Grade Recovery Policy
Students will be given the opportunity to master the curriculum and to improve one major grade per grading period according to the following guidelines:  Offered to all students who have failed a major grade assessment.  The content will be determined by the teacher.  The maximum score will be a 70.  No test will be given to students who previously earned a 0.  The test will be offered at the end of the nine week grading period.
Band Policy Regarding Major Playing Tests
If a student takes a major playing test or turns in a recording by the due date then the student may re-take the test as many times as they would like within the current nine weeks period. The grade of the most recent attempt/submission will appear in the grade book and count toward the student's overall average. 
Major Performances - Make-up for Excused/Unexcused Absences
Performances are part of our curriculum and are, therefore, graded activities. See the band  handbook, located elsewhere on this website, for policies regarding excused and unexcused absences from concerts, contests, and other performances.
If a student is not present for a major performance then he/she will be issued a make-up assignment to be completed by a given deadline. Excused absences may be made up to a possible grade of 100 (or full credit) while unexcused absences may be made up to a grade of no more than a 65. Make-up assignments will be graded on completion and quality of the material turned in whether it be written, recorded playing submission, or other activity.