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2019-2020 Willow Wood Bands

Please read carefully this information regarding band placement for next year.

    • The quality of student preparation for and performance in auditions was quite high. We are very fortunate to have a wealth of talented band members who enjoy playing their instruments and place a high level of  importance on practicing. Thank you!
    • There will be well over 300 members of our organization next year, and we have more talented students than can fit into any one or more bands. In a smaller program of 2 or 3 bands, a student in the top half of their section would place in the top band or the upper part of the second band. We will have 5 bands, meaning, that same student could place anywhere from the top band to the middle of the third.  
    • Students will typically respond to viewing their placement in one of two ways: excited or disappointed. For those who are the latter, remember that this is just one part of what we hope will be a multi-year experience in band. You are guaranteed to be a member of a high quality group, no matter which ensemble you are assigned to.
    • We directors highly value ALL of our students, and truly believe that there is place for EVERYONE in band.  We are grateful for your choice to participate in our program and believe strongly that we owe you the best possible experience in our classes. .
    • Our audition and placement process is extensive, and we spend hours listening to material and analyzing results. We will not respond to negative emails or messages questioning the results; however, we are more than happy to discuss areas where students can keep working to improve.
    • Final band placement is contingent on the master schedule at Willow Wood. If a student has a conflict with band and another “one-shot” class, then his or her placement may be adjusted to alleviate the conflict (or, in some cases, the student may be asked to make a choice between the two classes). .
    • Band placement rosters are posted below.
    • If a student intends to continue in band at Willow Wood in 2019-2020 and does not find his or her name on any of the 5 lists below, then email a director.
    • If your child will be playing a school-provided instrument, then we will be in touch this summer when instruments have been returned from repair and are available.
    • If we need to communicate with you during the summer, we will do so via email through Cut Time and possibly Google Classroom. Continuing students should not withdraw from their current Google Classroom page. We will archive these later in the summer.
Congratulations to all on a very successful round of auditions!!!