Teacher Preferred Method of Communication: Email
Conference Time: 8th period 2:02-2:50

College and Teaching Background:
- Sam Houston State Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Education/ Minor in English
- 14 years in Education
- Experience teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in Cy-Fair, Klein, and Tomball
- Currently the Cats for Christ Sponsor and UIL Ready Writing Coach

General Biography/Interests:
- Mother to three adorable, active children Zoie(10), Ellakay(7), and Brady(4) that keep me on my toes!!
- Avid reader of historical fiction, dystopian, mystery, and juvenile fiction
- Enjoys running and listening to music

ELA 8th Grade 2015-2016 Goal:

To Strengthen and Enhance Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking Skills

ELA Class Mission:

We will study and analyze English as both a language class and a literature class through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

We will focus on applying the English language correctly, writing effectively, and understanding the importance of literature and how it impacts our lives.

We will read and critique a variety of genres and authors throughout the course of the year.

ELA Teacher Philosophy:

I have high expectations for all my students. I expect them to work hard every day.
Assignments and homework must be complete and turned in on time.
Students are responsible for their own actions and for turning in work.
Respect! I expect all my students to have respect for themselves, others and other's belongings. I have a tough love approach in my classroom; meaning, I am going to love and respect them, but I am going to be tough on them. I will treat them like I want my own children treated. There are rules and expectations that will be followed and consequences if they are not. I am loving and compassionate, but I am also firm and just.

ELA Class Expectations:

1) Be Proactive
2) Be Prepared
3) Be Responsible
4) Be Respectful
5) Be ready to be Challenged!!

Volunteer Opportunities for Parents:
To Be Announced as Opportunities Arrive for My Classroom.
Contact the School Renaissance Parent Volunteer program for additional opportunites


Week 6: September 26th- September 30th

All Classes: KnowSys #4 Quiz on Friday
Level Classes: Complete Creative Story in class (Due Wednesday/Major Grade)
Library Day- Wednesday
Edgar Allan Poe Web Quest- Thursday and Friday
Pre AP Classes: Complete Hero Essay (Due Tuesday/Major Grade)
Library Day- Wednesday
Edgar Allan Poe Web Quest- Thursday and Friday

Week 5: September 19th- September 23rd

All Classes: KnowSys #3 Quiz Friday
Level Classes: 
Begin Writing Creative Hero Story with a partner 
Monday- Wednesday: Planning Packet= Daily Grade
Thursday- Monday(9/26): Rough Draft Creation 
Pre AP: 
Begin Hero Analytical Essay with a partner
Monday: Complete Hero Chart Research  
Tuesday- beg. Of class Wednesday: Complete Essay planning Flow Chart

Wednesday-Friday: Complete Rough Draft 

Hero Chart/Hero Essay Flow Chart= Daily Grade 



Week 4 September 12th- September 16th

All Classes: KnowSys #2 word introduction Monday/ Review and practice Thursday/ Quiz Friday
Monday-Tuesday: Complete "Flowers for Algernon" Major Grade Focus Skills Activity
Wednesday: Library Visit/ Review Summary and apply skill to Nonfiction Text using Google Chromebooks
Thursday-Friday: Read Odyssey excerpt and discuss cultural setting/ summary/ characterization
Pre AP:
Monday:  Text to Text connections using "Sea Devil", NonFiction article "Beneath the Surface", and song "Eye of the Tiger" or "Just like Fire" 
Students will create and complete an Extended Venn Diagram
Review Summary
 Tuesday-Wednesday: Pass out Springboard books and begin Challenges of Hero Unit 1/ Begin analyzing " A Man" and "Moco Limping" 
Thursday: Read "Odyssey" excerpt,discuss cultural setting/ summary/ characterization
Friday: Begin Hero Analytical Essay Planning 

Week 3 September 6th- September 9th

All Classes will take KnowSys quiz #1 on Friday/ KnowSys Homework discussion and review will be Thursday
Level Classes: 
Complete "Flowers for Algernon" Part Two and complete "Flowers for Algernon" Major Grade assignment
Pre AP Classes: 
-Complete "Sea Devil" text and Annotation activity
-Create Kahoot Literary Device Activity/ share in class
Discuss Nonfiction Hero Article 

Week 2 August 29th- September 2nd

All Classes: GATES Diagnostic Testing to assess current reading level ( not a grade) Monday and Tuesday
Library Day on Wednesday
Thursday- Friday: 
Level Classes: Continue reading " Flowers for Algernon" and focus on Plot Development and Point of View
Pre AP Classes: Begin reading "Sea Devil" and applying DQI strategy to text