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Welcome to 7th grade PAP Science!!! Parents, please look below my picture on the right side of this page. Click on "Subscribe" and follow the instructions. This will insure that you receive important announcements for this class throughout the remainder of the school year.
You may contact me by email reginagoodson@tomballisd.net or by calling 281.357.3030 x1252. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response to emails or phone calls. If I do not respond within 24 hours, I may be absent or out of the classroom, and will return your call when I return to campus.
If you desire a parent-teacher conference, please contact me by email or phone to set up an appointment.  

Recent Posts

HW: Cycles of Matter Reading Guide & Foldable

Due Tuesday, February 19th.  Students will find copies of these two assignments in Google Classroom, if they did not make it home with them.
Resource needed: Online Textbook, Chaper 9, Lesson 2 (e-text) - see the menu on the right side of this page for log-in instructions for the online textbook


Students will test over Energy and Matter in Ecosystems on Wednesday, February 20th.  Study warm-ups weeks 4 and 5 along with the vocabulary on the back; binder pages beginning with page 14; and textbook pgs.378-389.

Feb 8 - Feb 14 7th grade PAP Science Make-Up work

Please open the file and print/view assignment directions from February 8-14. Complete any missing work from the days in which you have been absent.  You have as many days as you have been absent to complete the work.  (Anyone returning to school this week should have all worked turned in to Ms. Goodson by Tuesday, 2/19.)  All needed handouts can be found below this message.  Please print them and complete as directed.  See Ms. Goodson if you have questions!!

Absences and Make-Up Work

As many of you know, Harris county and our school are being affected by the flu virus.  Many parents have inquired about make-up work.  I will post an outline of this week's assignments here by the end of the day tomorrow, along with digital copies of handouts.  I will also post these items in your child's Google Classroom.  Your child will have as many days as they are absent to make-up the work. With such high numbers of absences, this seems the most efficient way to insure students have what they need. After the assignments have posted, please email me If you have further questions. 
Hoping all students and affected family members recover quickly!!!
-Ms. Goodson

Plant Quiz tomorrow, 2/1 (Friday)

Students should review Plant Adaptations Notes, warm-ups and vocabulary to prepare for tomorrow's quiz.  The notes (with video links included) are in Google Classroom. Students also have a hard copy they filled in this week.
Turgor Pressure Lab Conclusions should be answered at home tonight.  We will check them before the quiz tomorrow.

TEST: Cellular Processes and Energy 1/25/19

Students will test over Cellular Process and Energy tomorrow, 1/25/19.  They should continue their review of warm-ups, vocabulary (on back of warm-ups), and binder pages 1-9 to prepare for the test.  


1.  QUIZ tomorrow- study your notes, warm-ups and vocabulary that we have covered since break (Stimulus/Response and Homeostasis).

2.  Spring Book Study books are due to class next Tuesday 1/22. (list is in the Book Study section)