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 Please, Please subscribe to my teacher webpage to keep up to date with things going on in your students class, also subscribe to your student's class page.
I graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with Bachelor of Home Economics with a specialization in Interior Design and a minor in Art and Business. I later went on the University of Houston to obtain my teaching certificate.  I am certified in three different areas- Art-1-8, General Education-1-8, ESL-1-8.
My schedule this year consist of Art II and Art III classes. This will be my sixteenth year of teaching art the last fourteenth here at Willow Wood Jr. High and the other two in Spring Independent School District..

Well we are well into the second 9 weeks of the school year. Students should be well aware of what is required to be successful in my class. Good behavior is expected from each and every student in my class. We will be learning a lot of new concepts and skills in my class this year and I look forward to helping each student to be successful and develop their art skills as we progress through the school year.

My schedule for the year:

1st period- 7:40- 8:28- Art II

2nd period- 8:33-9:21- Art II

3rd period- 9:26-10:14-Conference

4th period- 10:19-11:07- Art III

5th Period- 11:12-12:32- Art II

C Lunch- 12:07-12:32

6th period-12:37-1:04- Genius

7th period-1:09-1:57- Art III

8th Period- 2:02-2:50-Art II

Art I
1. Art II and Art III students are required to have a sketch book.
2. Students are required to bring a #2 pencils to class each
3. All students need a pencil bag labeled with their name and inside a set of 24 different colored pencils, a pink eraser, 3- #2 pencils, a good pencil sharpener , spiral notebook and a box of Kleenex.
4.There will be a $16.00 fee collected for Art II and Art III classes.
Fees will be able to start being paid on August 28, 2017.  You are asked to pay it via https://www.schoolcashonline.com/.  You will need to wait until August 28th to pay your student's art fee.  Thank you.
I will be able to stay after school from 3-4 or before school from or 7-7:30 if my schedule allows in the morning, students just need to let me know.
Contact information
Cerethia Fontana
Willow Wood Jr. High
11770 Gregson Rd.
Tomball, Tx. 77377
Email- cerethiafontana@tomballisd.net
281 357-3030 ext. 1284
Conference- 3rd period 9:26-10:14
My teacher website-Go to the Willow Wood Jr. High website and look for my last name:
Class Mission  in Art II and Art III  students are allowed  to express
themselves through various media. The students will be exposed to art
history; masterpieces of artwork, and discover the elements and principles
of design. Students will develop skills through “hands on” experiences in
the art room.
Art II and Art III are considered an elective credit for Jr. High students
and a full year course.

Grading Guidelines

Major assignments shall constitute 60% of the grade per reporting period. Other assignments shall constitute 40% of each grade per reporting period.  Teachers are required to provide at least three major assessments/grades and at least nine other grades (daily grades) during each grading period. Teachers are highly encouraged to provide more assessments as appropriate.  For my class there will certainly be more in each area.

For instance:

Warm ups grades are Daily grades and there will be one for each week of school.

Sketchbook assignments are Major grades and will be assigned every two weeks starting Wednesday Sept. 6 and Due Wednesday Sept. 20th. Sketchbook assignments will be listed each time they are assigned on my teacher webpage. Teacher web-http://wwjhs.tomballisd/ look for my name under the school directory.

Regular assignments may vary and students when given an assignment will be told if it is a Daily or Major Grade.

Late Work- 1 Day Late= 15 points off

2 Days Late= 30 points off

After that= 0


“Students will be given the opportunity to master the curriculum and to improve one major grade per grading period according to the following guidelines:  Offered to all students who have failed a major grade assessment.  The content will be determined by the teacher.  The maximum score will be a 70.  No assignment will be given to students who previously earned a 0.  The assignment will be offered at the end of the nine week grading period.”


All grades will be up to date on Fridays unless I am absent that day.
Late work: Work will be accepted up to 3 days late with 10 ponts taken off for each day late. After that time student will receive 0.
Feel free to call me during conference time period 9:26-10:14 with any concerns or questions. I will return phone calls within a 24 hr. time period unless I am absent that day.
Parent volunteers are always welcome, especially when we are doing clay. You must be on the approved volunteer list. You can find that form by contacting Melinda Harrell at the school's front desk.
Wish List for my classes-
empty wine bottles, yarn, newspaper, scrap pieces of wood cut to 6 x 6 pieces, scrap pieces of fabric, pipe cleaners, sharpies (any color), masking tape, glue, colored pencils
Thank you,
Cerethia Fontana
Art teacher
When emailing please go to the Tomball/Willow Wood website/Staff directory
and select my name to send me a message. This will help your emails to
not be placed in Quarantine email.