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Welcome to 8th Grade English with Mrs. Walters!
I am excited to meet you! I'm originally from Wisconsin. I moved to Chanhassen, Minnesota when I was in 7th grade. I graduated from St.Cloud  State University (Minnesota *Brrrr*) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Education and traveled to Texas to teach. I have taught for 9 years. I am passionate about reading! I believe everyone loves to read, but might not have found the right book for them. I am happily married, have a son named Tripp and three cats: Liesel, Pockets, and Pippin. GO WILDCATS!!
Contact information:
Email address: kathrynwalters@tomballisd.net (preferred mode of contact)
Phone: (281) 357-3030 x1267
Conference Period: 8th period
Tutoring Times:
Mondays before and after school and Thursdays before school.
Classroom *Wishlist*
Donations of the following items are greatly appreciated!
Box of Tissue
Hand sanitizer
Small post-its
Magazines for projects
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Recent Posts

Week 4.9

Monday: Finish MidSummer Night's Dream (Act V); Quiz Act IV
Tuesday: Work on Project
Wednesday: Science STAAR
Thursday: Social Studies STAAR
Friday: Star Ren and Act V quiz


Monday: Intro to the Characters of MidSummer Night's Dream (MSND); Read Act I.i
Tuesday: Review Act I.i; Read MSND I.ii; Plot diagram
Wednesday: Quiz Act I; Read MSND II.i; Plot diagram
Thursday: Read MSND II.ii; Character draw
Friday: Quiz Act II; Read MSND III.i
Students can either purchase a copy of No Fear Shakespeare: A MidSummer Night's Dream or view it on Google classroom.

Week 4.6

Monday: Type research paper; Outline check
Tuesday: Peer revision/editing rough draft should be typed
Wednesday: Peer Revision/Editing checkFinal Draft due to Google Classroom by 11:59 pm
Thursday: Intro to Shakespeare
Friday: Intro to A MidSummer Night's Dream
We will be reading A MidSummer Night's Dream in class using the No Fear version. If you would like to purchase your child a copy please feel free to do so. You can find it on Amazon for $3.20 and Barnes and Noble for $5.95.

Week 4.5

Monday: Survey; Research
Tuesday: Research 3 sources minimum
Wednesday: Mini-lesson Introductions and Thesis; Complete Intro and thesis on outline
Thursday: Mini-lesson body paragraphs and counterargument; Complete body paragraphs and counterargument on outline
Friday: Mini-lesson conclusion; Complete conclusion on outline
Research paper due April 25, 2018 into Google Classroom by 11:59 pm.

Week 4.4

Monday: Review for STAAR - We will be using Kahoot! Students will need a piece of technology to play.
Tuesday: STAAR Math
Wednesday: STAAR Reading
Thursday: Introduction to Research - Mrs. Ridley in the library
Friday: Introduction to the research paper; Pick a topic; Create a research question; Create a Back-up topic and research question
Research paper due April 25, 2018 into Google Classroom by 11:59 pm.

Week 4.3

Monday: Read "The Trouble with Television;" Thesis and supporting details notes
Tuesday: Comprehension Check on "The Trouble with Television;" Summary notes
Wednesday: Finish summary of "The Trouble with Television;" Written Response
Thursday: STAAR Reading Passage
Friday: Deconstruct STAAR Reading Passage; Read independently

Week 4.2

Monday: Turn in Benchmark deconstruction and TPCASTT of "Oranges" and "The Sound of Night." Read "Kindertransport."
Tuesday: Mock Science STAAR; SSR
Wednesday: Read "Checkouts" Characterization
Thursday: Read and complete tasks with "Miracle Worker."

Week 4.1

Monday: No school
Tuesday: Draft Expository Essay
Wednesday: Expository Essay due *MAJOR*
Thursday: TPCASTT "Oranges" by Gary Soto
Friday: Individually analyze a poem


We will finish Night on Wednesday. All questions and charts are due on Thursday. There will be a quiz at the end of the reading on Wednesday. Students will also be expected to use vocabulary words in a sentence that illustrates the meaning of the work on Thursday. Expository essays will be worked on this week as well. 

Week 3.7

I am back from maturity leave this week. This week we are starting Night by Elie Wiesel. Here is a link to the text: http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/523476/26270953/1432918801417/eliewiesel-nightfulltext_3_26_2014_3_23_04_pm.pdf?token=w1e07GbBav2ismMYtPs8xyLACY8=
Monday: No School - President's Day
Tuesday: Start Night. Read pages 3- 17
Wednesday: Review for Diary of Anne Frank Test - Jeopardy
Thursday: Take Diary of Anne Frank  test. Read Night pages 17 - 28.
Friday: Reading passages, read Night  p. 29 - 40, and library day.