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Hello there!
While I have been teaching at WWJH for a few years, it is not my first time walking the halls of the school - I was once a student myself at Willow Wood - even in the same room! I am a proud Tomball High School graduate and then attended the University of North Texas. I feel very lucky to be back in Tomball and teaching in a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home.
I am very excited for this upcoming year and the journey through US History we will be taking together!

Recent Posts

Major Grade Project - President Poster

Students are working on a major grade poster assignment in class on Wednesday and Thursday in class (2/13 + 2/14). The project is due at the end of class on 2/14. 
** Absent students are able to access the assignment through their google classroom if they would like to stay up to date on their schoolwork. While it is not required that they complete the assignment during their "sick" time,  I understand they will be bombarded by assignment when they return! I am extended this as an opportunity to help alleviate some stress when they get back as opposed to it being required upon their return.

Reminder: Map Project

Students have been working on a major grade map project. It is due Tuesday, 1/22, at the beginning of class (there is no school on Monday). Students will need to complete the assignment for homework if it was not turned in! The requirements are posted in google classroom.

Upcoming Major Grades - 3rd 9wks

Hello and happy 2019!
This nine week grading period will consist of four major grades. The due dates are posted below. (Please note that they may be subject to change, however I do my best not to adjust unless it is beneficial to the students). Details regarding each assignment will be given when it is assigned.
1/22 - Lewis + Clark Map Project
1/31 - Test
2/14 - Presidential Poster Project
2/21 - Test
Please also be vigilant in turning in daily assignments on time. If a student receives a zero for an assignment they did not turn in, it is their responsibility to make it up for a late grade. It is best to check for zeros often throughout the grading period, not only when grades are due!

Major Grade: Government Project

Students have been spending all week working on a major grade project covering the different aspects of American government.
The project is due at the beginning of class Monday, 12/10.

Benchmark - Major Grade

Students will be taking a major grade benchmark on Thursday, 11/7. 
They should study their notes, VIP list, and have a kahoot in their google classroom. It will cover topics discussed throughout the year up to this point.
Happy studying!

Major Grade: Baseball Card Project

Reminder - students will need to turn in their Patriots v Loyalists Baseball Card project at the beginning of class on Friday, 10/26. 
The requirements are posted in google classroom.
Many students have already turned in the assignment (they began the project on Tuesday 10/23), this is just a general reminder for those who have not!

Major Grade Writing

Students will be completing a major grade writing assignment in class on Wednesday, 10/3.
Students will have Monday + Tuesday to complete a guided pre-write. The writing assignment will be composed of 3 paragraphs - each paragraph related to a specific prompt. PAP students will have an additional prompt.
Students will be taught to write an academic paragraph with the desired outcome modeled prior to being given the final writing sheet to ensure that expectations are known. 
Students will be able to utilize their pre-write, notes, and the in-class textbooks to assist them. Information not from these resources are not recommended and may cause a penalty if used inappropriately*.
*Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offense in TISD and will result in a zero for the assignment and an office referral. This includes the plagiarism of websites, sources, and the work of other students.

Create-A-Colony Project

Students have been working on their major grade Create-A-Colony project in class. It is due at the end of class on Friday, 9/21.
It is in google slides and is a collaborative group project in which students work together to come up with their own colony and are graded on their individual slide contributing to the group presentation.
Students are graded individually with emphasis on their personal slide. The rubric and project packet are both available in google classroom.

Exploration + Colonization Test

Students will take their first major grade test on Tuesday, 9/18.
Students are receiving their study guide in class on Friday, 9/14. A key will be posted to google classroom over the weekend to ensure accuracy on the
** Reviews will be checked on Monday for completion**
Students will also be playing a review game in class on Monday. It is electronically accessible and smart phone compatible. It will closely mirror the review packet. Home access to the game will be released to google classroom Monday afternoon, after all students have a chance to play in class!

Homework: Colonial Regions Review

Students spent class today (Thursday, 9/13) working on a packet comparing the three colonial regions: New England, Middle, + Southern. Many students finished in class and turned the assignment in. Those who did not will need to complete it for homework (or in advisory) and turn it in at the beginning of class Friday (9/14).
Have a great evening!

Take Home Quiz due Monday, 9/10

Students were given a take home quiz on Thursday, 9/6. This quiz is due Monday, 9/10 at the beginning of class. 
Students are expected to "show their thinking" (justify their answer) for each of the 10 multiple choice questions. Full credit will not be given to an answer not justified!
** Students have been given so long to complete the take home quiz because I understand that many students have had multiple tests this week, as well as extra curricular activities. I expect quizzes to be on time due to the amount of time allotted to complete the assignment!