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Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

This school year I am teaching Pre-AP and Level U.S. History. I received my degree from TAMUK in Political Science, History, and International Affairs.

THIS IS THEIR YEAR to become autonomous and demonstrate responsibility with their own academics and we have high expectations. I know they will be successful.

Daily assignments and information is updated in the students' google classroom regularly, but major grade announcements will be made through the webpage. Please be sure to subscribe to the webpage for update notifications!

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Please talk to your students about their current grade.
Today, their staar packet and folder were due for a Major and Double Daily grade.
The students had ample time to complete both of these, most of which we did together in class. However, many students are still missing them. We've discussed turning them in on Monday for a late grade. Major grades are -15 pts per day late, with no more than 2 late days allowed. Daily grades are -30 and aren't accepted after the first late day. 
Students will have a textbook check on Monday for a grade and will turn in their books on Tuesday. Failure to turn in a textbook comes with a fee for the lost book.


The History STAAR will be administered on Thursday, May 17th.
Students won't be eating lunch at their usual time and will not have snacks given to them, so please make sure they eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest.
This will be the first staar test the students have taken in history and we've been working on a staar review packet for the last two weeks. This packet is a major grade. Tomorrow (Friday) students will be able to take the packet home to study over the weekend. It will be graded on Friday, May 18th for completion. If it isn't turned in, it can't be given a grade. Students who were absent during the two weeks have extra time over the weekend and during the following week to complete the missing information. All folders are due next Friday. 
Students also have all the information in their google classroom to review.
We will continue reviewing Monday and Tuesday, so their attendance is important. 

Major Grade Writing

Students will begin their major writing for the last 9 weeks today. It will be due on Friday at the beginning of class. 
Next week we will be finishing content and then beginning staar review in May.
History staar will be May 17th. 
This is the first staar test students will be taking in this subject, so being here from May 1-17th is imperative. 


Students will begin their Civil War Major Project today. It will be due Friday of this week. We will work on it in class on Thursday but a lot of work is expected to be done at home. 
Tutoring for Tuesday is cancelled due to staar but will still be held on Thursday from 3-345.
Staar testing this week Tuesday and Thursday. Students will not be permitted to bring snacks and none will be provided for them this year. Please make sure they eat a good breakfast as many of the students will be testing well into their lunch period. 
8 weeks left!

After School Tutoring

Next Tuesday after school tutoring will begin. Please have your student let me know on Monday if they will be attending. A late bus will be available for students.
If your student plans to attend weekly, please send me an email. I would like to get packets made for these students. 
Tomorrow Ms. Santos will be holding after school tutoring to review for the upcoming test if your student needs extra help. 


I am finally back from maternity leave and have missed your kids immensely. Thank you for all the cards, gifts, well wishes, and prayers.
I will start holding tutoring next week, April 3rd, on every Tuesday and Thursday with advance notice. 
I want to give everything I can to the students before staar in 6 weeks and hope they take advantage of the time i'm offering. The students will need to let me know the day before that they will be coming so I can have the appropriate amount of room. We will be reviewing past tests for clarification on concepts and teaching them detailed test taking strategies. 
Students will also be taking a benchmark on Thursday in class and have had the review since last week. Please ask your students about what they've learned and have them come with questions on Wednesday!

Maternity Leave

I will be taking Maternity Leave starting 12/15, if things go as planned. The permanent substitute will be with the students the last week (12/18-22) and returning after Christmas Break. My email will have an automatic reply with the email of Kristin Gable, so you can forward any questions or concerns to her. Mrs. Gable is a seasoned teacher and taught HS US History for Klein ISD. We are very fortunate to have someone with her experience step in for the students. 

Major Grade: Benchmark Test

The fall benchmark test will be given on Tuesday, December 12th. Students will be given two days to review in class and over the weekend at home. 
Grades will be updated into the grade book as they complete the test unless an error is found. This will be the last grade taken for the 2nd 9 weeks. 

Major Grade Writing

Students will begin their Major Writing Grade in class on Tuesday. Each student will be assigned the position of a Federalist or Anti-federalist and will write in a debate form with their partner. PAP will be presenting on Thursday, December 7th. 

As usual, any form of plagiarism is unacceptable and will result in a 0 for this grade and a referral to the Assistant Principal. 

Current Event Due Thursday 11/16

The current event for this 3 week period is due next Thursday. Students will receive the handout on Monday. However, if they want to get started now, it is posted to my webpage. 
Students are free to choose an article that was published between 11/9 and 11/16.
A well developed paragraph is expected. Attaching the article isn't necessary, but it is helpful. Anything plagiarized is an automatic 0 in the grade book and referral to an AP for documentation.

Major Grade: Test

The test for this 9 weeks will be given on Thursday, November 9th. Students will receive 2 days of review. 

Major Grade Project: Patriots v. Loyalists

Student are starting their major grade project for this nine weeks. They have received all instruction in class, as well as their google classroom. The baseball cards are to be done in class on Monday and Tuesday and taken home Tuesday night if they aren't complete. All projects are due Wednesday at the start of class. 


Currently, there are four daily grades listed in the grade book and many students are not starting this 9 weeks in the best shape.
Please consult with them about getting work turned in complete and on time.
Two more grades will be taken this week and one of those will be a double daily.

Current Event Due 11/27

Students received their first Current Event assignment for this 9 weeks.
They are free to choose an article that was published between 11/21 and 11/27.
A well developed paragraph is expected. Attaching the article isn't necessary, but it is helpful. Anything plagiarized is an automatic 0 in the grade book and referral to an AP for documentation. 

Major Grade Writing

Students took notes today in regards to the writing assignment they will complete tomorrow in class over the Albany Plan.
Don't forget Friday is an early release day!