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Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

This school year I am teaching Pre-AP and Level U.S. History. I received my degree from TAMUK in Political Science, History, and International Affairs.

THIS IS THEIR YEAR to become autonomous and demonstrate responsibility with their own academics. We have high expectations, and I know they will be successful.
Because we learn from reflection in History, participation is required in class.

Daily assignments are updated in the students' google classroom regularly, but major grade announcements will be made through this website. Please be sure to subscribe to the web page for update notifications!
**Our classroom wish list consists of tissues! Name brand tissues are like gold come cold and flu season. School supplied tissues are sometimes like cardboard, so we are always looking to stash these away throughout the year.**

Recent Posts

Major Grade Project

Students will begin a project in class tomorrow and it will be due Thursday at the end of class. Students will be making a Presidential Poster of themselves, so they're welcome to bring in a head shot/selfie or they'll draw one. The poster will be expected to be fully colored and more details will go out in their google classroom.

I know MANY students are out with strep + flu, if they're able to complete the assignment, please have them do it. We will be testing next week and a review/test PLUS project make up will be a lot on their plate. 

Double Daily

Students will be starting a Political Cartoon tomorrow that will be due Friday at the end of class. This will be a double daily grade, which means the one assignment will be worth two in the gradebook. 
Please be sure to remind them they need to bring colors, as we are running very low in the classroom. 

Week of 1/28

Students will have a Major Grade Test on Thursday over court cases and Presidents 1-4.
Students will also have a Binder Check. Please remind them they are to bring their History Binder to class everyday and keep ALL paperwork in it. We have a spot in class where they can easily see what is expected under each tab in the binder. We are currently in tab 3. 
Progress Report Grades will be going out this week and many students are still falling behind the curve. All students were given Friday to complete and turn in any late work. 

Lewis + Clark Major Grade

The first major grade assignment for the semester was introduced to the students today. They are welcome to take it home to complete. 
We will be breaking it up into two parts. Part 2 will be done today and tomorrow. Part 1 will be done on Friday. All information can be found in their google classroom. 


Please take a look at the gradebook. We are 3 assignments in and many students are having a hard time with the back to school transition.

Welcome Back!

We are finally in the 3rd 9 weeks and have 60 days until spring break!
Assignments are updated in the gradebook and here is a list of major grade dates.
9 Week Major Grades
1/17  Louisiana Purchase Map
1/31  Test
2/13  Presidential Poster
2/21 Presidents Test
Per usual, students will need their history binder for class daily and to come prepared. This 9 weeks is PACKED with information, so it's important they are ready to learn.
I will take maternity leave come Good Friday (april 19th). I'm excited to be here for all of the important teaching moments before staar, which will be in May. We do have a seasoned teacher coming in when I leave that i have FULL confidence in and hand picked. 
THANK YOU to everyone that sent cards and gifts before the break; it really helped lend way to a relaxing time off. You're the best!


Students have a test tomorrow that they've been preparing for. They have many different methods of studying including their packets, notes taken in class, google classroom, review games, and flashcards. 

Major Project

Students are completing a major grade project this week and will be bringing it home.
They will use their notes to complete a childen's book and movie poster over the Bill of Rights/Anti Federalists and 7 Principles/Federalists.
This will be due on Friday. 
All details can be found in their google classroom. 

Benchmark Scores

I am OVERJOYED to report that your students had outstanding benchmark scores!
Overall, 80%+ met grade level criteria and 70% mastered grade level expectations. 

Thank you for helping your student be successful. 
Have a safe Thanksgiving Break!

Important Dates

Student have started learning about the Battles of the American Revolution and will be quizzed on their knowledge on Friday 11/2.

The 8th grade History Department will be giving a District Benchmark test on Thursday, November 8th. Please make every effort to ensure that your student is present on this day. This is a required assessment. If a student is absent on November 8th, he or she will have to make up the test on November 9th. Any student missing these two days will be taking an alternate assessment upon his or her return.

Major Project

Students began a major project in class yesterday. This project will be due Thursday. Students will have a writing and drawing portion on Patriots and Loyalists. All information they need can be found in their google classroom. 

Weekend Work

Students have a graded assignment to complete over the weekend. It was started in class and all of the instructions are in their google classroom. This assignment is due Monday as they walk into class.
4 more full weeks until Thanksgiving break!

Major Grade Writing

On Monday, students will begin their in class Major Writing Grade over Salutary Neglect. We have talked extensively about salutary neglect and its impact on the colonists. Next week they will need to explain how Salutary Neglect impacted the colonies Politically, Socially, and Economically (motivating factors). Students have information in their binder about s.n. and it would be helpful if I could have parents give a gentle reminder over the weekend, so the concept isn't too far in the back of their mind. 
Friday the 5th will be an early release day and no school on Monday, October 8th!
Thanks for all your help in making our students successful!

Major Grade Project

Students have started a Major Grade Project today.
All information they need is in their google classroom.
This project will be completed in class during the next few days.


Students will take a major grade test on Tuesday 9/18.
There will be a review posted in the google classroom that can be done if a student is absent.
PAP: there will be a short answer question that is required.