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First 9 weeks grades

Hello parents,

I cannot believe how fast this first 9 weeks has flown by. As you begin looking over your child's ELA grades, please be aware that we are replacing their lowest major grade with an ͞"x͘͟"   I spoke with the kiddos about this yesterday so they were aware that this is a 7th grade ELA policy.

I will also be collecting their blue hallway pass sheet and counting their ͞"wildcats͟" that they have not used for the first 9 weeks. These will be added as extra credit to a major grade.

We have had a phenomenal first 9 weeks! I am so excited to start our next 9 weeks and continue on our awesome path.

Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Narrative essay rough draft

Your kiddos have been working on  their rough drafts for their expository essays.  If they did not complete them today they are to work on them tonight and be ready to revise and edit in class tomorrow.  We discussed this in class today, so they should have brought their ELA binders home with them if they needed to finish their rough draft.
They have been working hard, so I am cannot wait to read the finish products! 

Editing narrative paper

Final Glance at My Writing
Use your rough draft to complete each of the following activities:
1. Choose 2 colors:
Color #1 ___________ Color #2 __________
Underline every other sentence in color #1. Underline the opposite sentence in color #2.
· Look at your colors. Are they equal? Is there a lot more of one color? What does this say about the length of your sentences? Do you have sentence variety?
2. Place parenthesis ( ) around the first word of each sentence.
· Look over all of the words in parenthesis. Are these words different? They should be! Make sure none of these words are But or Because.
3. Circle all of the verbs in your essay.
· Review your verbs. Make sure that you have action and linking verbs. There should be more action verbs.
· Double check VERB TENSE – you must stay consistent!
4. Make sure you have 4 paragraphs minimum. Make sure that your paragraphs are INDENTED - DO NOT SKIP LINES between paragraphs

7th Grade Open House

The 7th grade open house will be held on Wednesday September 13th, 2017 from 6-8 pm.  The doors to let parents in will open at 5:40.  You all will follow your child's schedule so wear some comfortable shoes.:))  Please take a picture of your child's schedule or ask to borrow theirs.
I am excited to see all of you this Wednesday!