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2/23 Algebra I

MORE solving Quadratics, but this time with Square Roots! HW: Solving Quadratic Equations by Using Square Roots.Next TEST: Tues. March 6.

2/23 7th Acc. Math

Today's assign: WS 9-4 Area of Composite Figures; ALL of the front and #2, 5 & 6 on the back. Next TEST: Fri. March 2.

2/22 Algebra I

Today was nothing short of RADICAL!!! Simplifying radicals. Tonight's HW: Simplifying Radicals Practice #1-12.

2/22 7th-Acc. Math

Area of a CIRCLE! Today's HW: WS 9-3 all of the front(A/B) and EVENS only on the back(C).

2/21 7th Acc. Math

Yes, it's TRUE, NO homework tonight!!! Be ready for AREA of a CIRCLE tomorrow! Good Luck Basketball!!!

2/21 Algebra I

Tonight's HW: Solving Quad. Equations by Factoring Practice. FUN! Good Luck to Basketball tonight!!!

2/20 7th Acc. Math

Tonight's HW:  WS 9.2 Finding Circumference. Front(A/B) All, Back(C) #5 & 9.

2/13 7th. Acc. Math

Pythagorean Project is due tomorrow. Don't forget to simplify those slopes! Next TEST is Thursday - Unit 8. Similar Figures and Pythagorean

2/13 Algebra I

You survived the cafeteria marathon! Today's HW: Diff. of Squares, mult. of 3 only; Factoring Tri. day 1 & 2, evens only. Day 2 only to #12.

2/12 Algebra I

Starting Unit 6B today and test on Thurs. 2/15. whaaaat?!? HW: Factoring GCF prac. EVENS ONLY. 3 lessons in cafe. tomorrow. Don't miss it!

2/12 7th Acc. Math

It's start day for our Pythagorean Project! This will be due on Wed. 2/14. We'll have all period to work on it tomorrow. Next TEST: Th.2/15

2/8 Algebra I

Domain and Range! Today's assignment (NOT due until Mon.) Domain and Range of Quad Practice. Don't forget: go straight to Advisory 1st per.

2/8 7th Acc. Math

"Quiz today" in your 'Janda to English' dictionary means: NO HOMEWORK! Don't forget: Go straight to Advisory in the morning. :-)

2/7 Algebra I

Today was Standard Form! HW: WS Changing to Standard Form Practice. Reminder: problems #7 & 9 need to be written in Vertex & Standard Form. No Thursday morning tutoring tomorrow. :-(

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