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5/18 - 7th Acc. Math

Great job working the Equation Relay with your team!  No homework this weekend!!!

5/3 Algebra I

Today's HW: W2D3 Practice (Domain&Range) Don't forget: tomorrow is.....Star Wars day! May the 4th be with YOU!!! Yes! Don't forget to finish up the EOC Warm Ups in Google Classroom!

5/3 7th Acc. Math

No HW TONIGHT! Please look over your STAAR Reporting Category packets. Finish STAAR Prep TEST tomorrow! Don't forget: tomorrow is.....Star Wars day! May the 4th be with YOU!!!

5/2 7th Acc. Math

And the STAAR Review continues! Tonight's HW: STAAR Review Rep. Cat. 4 #1-17. Don't forget to SHOW YOUR WORK!!! Next TEST: Fri. 5/4

5/2 Algebra I

HW today is W2D2 Practice(Simplifying Quadratics). Also, the Google Classroom EOC WarmUps should be ready to go after 5:00 today.

5/1 Algebra I

No Goggle Classroom today. Mr. Turner was out and I don't have those questions to post. Sorry!  I know it makes you sad.  Try not to cry!

5/1 7th Acc.

Your HW tonight is to finish up STAAR Review Reporting Category 3, #25-45. So, #1-45 is due tomorrow. SHOW YOUR PROCESS!!!

4/27 - Algebra I

We will have a short test on Monday over EOC Review #1. No HW this weekend!!! Great job with the Marshmallow/Spaghetti Tower challenge!!!

4/27 - 7th Acc. Math

Great job competing with your teams during the Kahoot today! No HW this weekend!!!

4/26 - Algebra I EOC Review

The Algebraic version of Connect 4 today was fun! Wow, talk about competitive!!! NEXT TEST: Mon. 4/30 over EOC Review #1.

4/25 Algebra I - EOC Tutoring

EOC Tutoring sessions. Plan to attend if you made below a 40% in the Reporting Category being reviewed. 4/26-Cat.1, 5/1 Cat. 2&3, 5/3 Cat. 4&5. Use your TEKS Snapshot page if you're not sure how you did in each Reporting Category.

Mrs. Janda's Tutoring Schedule:
Tues: 2:55-3:30pm
Thurs: 7:10-7:30am