For an update on where we are in Algebra I PAP or 8-Math PAP please check Mrs. Janda's calendar.  The links is below on the righthand side.
Tutoring Schedule: Tues. 3-3:45 and Thurs. 7-7:30


8/28 Algebra

HW tonight: Solving Equations & Inequalities Practice Day 2 #1-10 ONLY. Keep showing those steps!

8/26 Algebra I

Today's HW: In Class Practice - Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions. Yes, #1-20 AND there's a BONUS! YES, you MUST show your WORK!

8/26 8PAP

Ordering Real numbers just GOT REAL! Tonight's HW: Ordering Real Numbers Practice. YES, it's ONLY 5 questions! Next QUIZ: Fri. 8/30!