Grading Guidelines

Grading Guidelines

Major grades 60%
Classwork grades 40%

3 major assignments per 9 weeks
9 daily assignments per 9 weeks

Grades are entered into Teacher Grade book within 5 school days of being graded. A student who has been absent will be responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher. A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero for the assignment. The CATE department policy is that students are given one day for every day that they are absent to complete their make-up work. Classwork is due the day that it is assigned or it is a zero. No classwork will be accepted late.

Tutorials and Make Up work

Tutoring will be Monday and Tuesday from 2:50 - 3:15 after school and will need to be arranged with the teacher ahead of time.  There will be opportunities to make up assignments during the Genius period within the school day.  Your student must have a pass from the teacher to attend.


Grade Recovery Policy

Students will be given the opportunity to master the curriculum and to improve one major grade per grading period according to the following guidelines:  Offered to all students who have failed a major grade assessment.  The content will be determined by the teacher.  The maximum score will be a 70.  No major grade will be given to students who previously earned a 0.  The test will be offered at the end of the nine week grading period.