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Welcome to Mrs. Plummer's Page

Dance 1/ Health Class. 

Hello there! I am Mrs. Plummer! I am the 8th grade Health Teacher and the Dance 1 Teacher. 
I am a graduate of Texas State University EAT 'EM UP CATS!!  This is my fourth year at Willow Wood. I previously worked with our PALS students and Special Education department. I have been teaching dance in the studio setting for 10 years and have been dancing for 34 years. I am certified in Dance, PE, Health, Special Education and 4-8 Core curriculum. I enjoy staying healthy by running and working out in my spare time. The kids will see me constantly eating and talking about nutrition. I love finding out new ways to get fit and try new healthy recipes and share them with students. If you have any great family recipes you want to share with me I will be happy to try them.  
I am a firm believer in communication with parents and I will give you everything you need to help your child be successful.For my Health Class I will be sending a weekly letter for students about the upcoming topics discuss in health class. Should there be any questions about a particular topic do not hesitate to reach out to me via email.  With that said any dance question are always welcome as well. When you click on my page you will be able to see any reminders, class lessons and notes that are being taken. You are also able to connect with my Google Classroom. This way if your child looses any information between my class and home they can find it online as well. 
Below is my contact information where you can reach me. Email is the easiest way to get a quick response from me, however I do ask that you give me at least 24 hours to reply back to you. If you ever have any questions about the class your child is in, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  
Contact Info:
Phone # : 281.357.3030 ext. 1264/1279
My conference period is 7th period (2:03 pm-2:50 pm)