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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  The second semester of the school year is here!  
Over the next few months students will be reading and working on their SPRING BOOK STUDY.  Please have your book ready to bring to class on 1/22/19.   I would suggest trading books with another pre- advanced placement science student if that option works for you.
I'm looking forward to continuing our scientific studies focusing on the cellular processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration this month and working our way into ecosystems in the future.  
Please subscribe to my teacher web page by clicking on the "subscribe" button below my profile picture to receive updates.  Email me anytime with comment or concern.

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All assignments from the week of 2/4-7 are in Google Classroom.  Please visit there if you have been absent this week.  Thank you!
Next Week:
Enjoy your long weekend!!!


I'll be putting this week's assignments in Google Classroom. Please continue to check here and there for daily updates.  Thank you!
FINAL ROUGH DRAFT DUE 2/22 (Book Study Project is a MAJOR grade.)


1.  Today we finished half of the WebQuest that can be found in Google Classroom.  We will complete the other half of the biodiversity assignment tomorrow.  
2.  No homework tonight.
3.  Be working consistently on your book project!  Due dates are quickly approaching.


No additional homework is assigned for this weekend.
Please check with your students to see what progress they have made on their spring book study projects.  Final rough drafts are due in two weeks and the project itself is due 3/4/19 as a major grade.  Information can be found on my website under my profile picture.
Thank you and enjoy your weekend!!!


QUIZ tomorrow on energy in ecosystems.  Make sure you know your vocabulary!
Our second book study group session is this Friday.  Bring evidence to demonstrate you have made progress in your reading and on your project.  This could be a sketch on printer paper, an outline, etc.

Due 2/4

Students who did not finish their critical writing assignment in class this week need to bring it completed to class on Monday. 


QUIZ Friday (2/1) on the concepts covered this week in class (double daily grade).
There is no homework tonight, however you should be reading your spring book study book (as it must be read in its entirety by 2/22.)

Due 1/23

Photosynthesis WebQuest is due tomorrow.  
TEST Friday:  Homeostasis, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.  Focus on your warm-ups and notes.

Reminders for Next Week

1.  There is no homework assigned for tonight!
2.  Book Study books are due to class on Tuesday 1/22
3.  Test FRIDAY 1/25: Homeostasis, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


1.  QUIZ tomorrow- study your notes, warm-ups and vocabulary that we have covered since break.
2.  Spring Book Study books are due to class next Tuesday 1/22.  


Students will be completing a spring book study.  We are working on streamlining this process and more information will follow shortly---for now work on obtaining your next book.  The books are from the same list as the fall.  Consider trading/lending your fall book with/to another science student!
You need to bring your book to class on JANUARY 22nd!!!