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Welcome back, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing holiday break with your friends and families.  I wish you all the best in 2018!!!  
Topics that will be covered during the second semester include:  mapping the Earth's surface, atmosphere, weather and weathering, ecosystems and biomes, plants and the human body.  We have been hard at work planning many activities for you and we are looking forward to sharing new content during our instructional time this quarter.  Spring will be here before we know it!  GO WILDCATS!!!
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Recent Posts

Due 2/26

Hi!  students need to complete the conclusion questions for the lab called "Life on the James."
Have a great weekend-

Due 2/22

Students need to complete their "Traveling Sea Turtle" activity for tomorrow.

Please Read

1.  Course verification forms were handed to students in advisory today.  Changes need to be submitted in writing to the counseling office by 2/26/18.
2.  The second set of progress report grades for the 3rd quarter will be submitted tomorrow.
3.  Accelerated science students have homework:  complete foldable on ocean currents.

Due 2/20

Students have a WebQuest to complete on Ocean Resources if they did not finish the assignment during class today.  A pdf copy of this assignment including links to the websites can be found in Google Classroom.
Enjoy your long weekend!

TEST TOMORROW! (Wednesday)

Look over all the items we reviewed in class today and the items I posted on Monday.


TEST:  Weather and the Atmosphere

7th Grade Accelerated Science


TEXTBOOK pp. 396-406, 436-441, 448-449, 454-459, 480-482



  • Describe how heat is transferred
  • Explain how scientists describe and explain winds
  • Distinguish between local winds and global winds and identify major wind belts
  • Identify the major air masses that affect the weather in north America and describe how they move
  • Name the major types of fronts
  • Describe the type of weather associated with each front
  • Identify how hurricanes form, where they travel and how they continue to travel
  • Describe what can be learned from information shown on weather maps
  • Identify what causes ocean surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate

Due 2/12

Hi!  Friendly reminder that there is an assignment due on Monday on weather fronts.  Details can be found in Google Classroom.
Also, we have a major grade on Wednesday- TEST on weather and the atmosphere.  I'll be here Tuesday after school from 3-3:30 for tutoring/ review. 
Have a great weekend!

Due 2/12

Students are being introduced to a mini-project today on weather fronts.  They information related to this assignment will be posted in Google Classroom.  

Information 2/5/18

Our unit test on weather and related content has been scheduled for Wednesday 2/14.
There is no homework assigned for this evening, however I have encouraged students to begin reviewing their notes each day as this unit contains a lot of new information.
Have a great week!

Due 2/2

Hi!  Please complete both sides of the worksheet "Ocean Currents and Weather Patterns" for class on Friday.

Super Blue Blood Moon 1/31

Hi everyone!  There is no homework assigned again for tonight, however, I would encourage you to research and attempt to view the rare phenomenon that is occurring on 1/31!  The Super Blue Blood Moon has not been seen in the western hemisphere since 1866!